Lady arrested while making report! (Cryingvoices)

lady-arrested-son-in-police-van”┬áLady arrested and son was ask to sit in the police van”
Klang: Lady arrested in Klang Police station while making a report against the Police personnel who raided her home believed to be from the anti-narcotics department for an unknown reason and took away some documents and her sons’ Play Station(PS2) including several pawn shop certificates today. A Myanmar refugee who happened to be renting a room in the house she is renting was also arrested during the raid.

“His Refugee card is a valid one from the UNHCR” said a neighbor who declined to be named.

Sheila Devi (37) housewife, was arrested when she and another neighbor known as Arun went to the Klang Police Station to get back her items that has been seized for no reason. She made a report on the matter when one of the plainclothes policeman that raided her house earlier came and checked on the details of the report and got angry and start to be sarcastic at her and the neighbor. He told Sheila that she will be arrested now for protecting the illegal immigrant and handcuffed her.

The office said that if the report she is making reach the attention of his boss, he will be sacked! and said that he wont give he anymore chances for her to negotiate on anything now. Sheila was in tears when she begged the police officer to release her.

The status of the report that she made was not known.(report made to a police lady officer with her badge no: 140056) The refugees card will be sent to Putrajaya for verification said the policeman.

Earlier,about 7 Police officers went to the house at about 1.30am with 3 police vehicles and told a 14years old boy(Sheila’s Son) that they want to check the house. He was unaware of their intention. While checking on the house, they arrested the Myanmar refugee who was in his room at that time. Police checked each corner of the house and took away some documents and PS2 Game console from there. The boy was asked to sit in the Police van for several minutes and warned that he will be arrested too when he grow up.

Sheila Devi is on detention at the Kapar police station until 6th Oct. Her two sons are all alone at home and their father is an odd job worker who seldom be at home. The member of Parliament of Kapar was informed last night by the writer,yet to receive any reaction from him.