1. Scholarships / PTPTN Loans for all Medical students overseas &

1.         Scholarships / PTPTN Loans for all Medical students overseas &

                        private University students locally.

2.         RM 31 Billion PTPTN loans but not for Indian students.



We refer to the above matter wherein RM 31 Billion PTPTN loans have been disbursed but not for Malaysian Indian students studying locally and overseas private University especially the Medical students.


But the NST 4/12/09 at page 28 headlines (falsely) screams “Higher studies loans regardless of race”.

The chairman of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) Datuk Dr.Mohammad Shahrum Osman said “ PTPTN currently managed 1.4 Million student accounts with loans totaling RM 31 Billion.


But PTPTN loans have been denied to “students privately pursuing studies in key fields such as medicine locally and in foreign countries” admits a government Indian Deputy Minister. (NST 4/12/09 at page 28).


When opening the AIMST University in 2008, the then Prime Minister announced and the same widely reported in the print and electronic media that all AIMST University students would be eligible for PTPTN study loans. However this was never implemented. It remains yet another of UMNOs’ “kosong” paper politics to mislead the Indian community.


Kindly publish the details of all the recepients of PSD government GLC etc and these PTPNN loans and also all government, PSD GLC etc loans and scholarships in the website of the Higher Education Ministry to prove a truly transparent One Malaysian government.


Almost all Indian students studying at local private Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning and also at foreign Universities have been denied PTPTN loans.


Why is this discrimination in particular against the Indian medical students studying locally in AIMST University, Manipal Malacca and also overseas Universities especially in Crimea, Ukraine, Romania, Rusia, India and Indonesia. After all Malaysia is 50% short of doctors (Utusan Malaysia 8/10/09 at page 24). In the circumstances we hereby urge the government of Malaysia to grant scholarships especially to all overseas medical students from the RM 2.8 Billion scholarships allocated in the 2010 Budget (NST, Star headlines 23/10/09).


In the interim we also call upon your goodselves to make available these PTPTN loans to all Malaysians in particular the Malaysian Indian students studying at all local and overseas private Universities and Institutions of Higher learning especially the said medical students.


How then are we to achieve national unity national integration and what more Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malaysia policy when there is such blatant and direct discrimination?



Thank You,


Your Faithfully,







Secretary General ( pro-tem)