Wishing all Malaysian Indians a very Happy New Year, Puthandu Valtugal

 logo hrp Wishing all Malaysian Indians a very Happy New Year, Puthandu Valtugal

On this auspicious occasion may we get the blessings’ of the almighty on our only hope in this country i.e. HRP’s 15/38 strategy that is to create, win in and create politically empowered 15 Parliamentary and 38 state Indian majority seats. We have thus far since September 2009 have had four think tank meetings training our very own politically empowered and public interest and not personal interest future 15 MPs’ and 38 ADUNS’ who would be able to stand up and speak up for especially the Indians without fear or favour.And neither do they have to become the mandores for either UMNO or PKR, DAP, or PAS.

On a day to day basis the Indians in Malaysia are being excluded from the national mainstream development of Malaysia for the simple reason that they are ethnic minority Indians who have zero political or economic clout.

There are zero Parliament or State seats with an Indian majority. This is our only forward moving plan in this country. If we fail, we do not see any other way out as both UMNO and PKR, DAP and PAS only want the Indian votes. They all do not want to even hear our critical Indian problems let alone addressing them. Our very basic Equal Rights as per Article 8 of the Federal constitution vis a vis our upward mobility opportunities are being trampled with impunity by both sides of the political divide.

On this auspicious day let us pray and resolve to move HRP’s Project 15/38 Strategy.

Please follow our news in this our website on a day to day basis as the starting point in this our struggle.

Happy New Year,Puttandu Valtugal.