Cow head demo: Who actually was being insulted?


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Ken (Malaysiakini)
Jul 30, 10

Many people, including Muslims, are disappointed, if not angry, with the outcome of the trial of the cow head (pun intended) demonstrators as reported in No remorse from cow-head protesters.

They feel that the demonstrators had insulted Hindus and thereby had committed a serious crime affecting racial and religious harmony in the country. The prosecutor and presiding judge, on the other hand, viewed it otherwise as merely a minor issue, and hence freed four of the accused, slapped a fine of RM3,000 on two and imprisoned one of them for a week, and fined twelve of the demonstrators RM1,000 each.

That this would be the outcome was apparent to all (except the ignorant) after the incident when the home minister, Hishammuddin Hussien, openly and unashamedly supported the cow head demonstrators. A clearer understanding of the incident will help all to judge and respond to the judgment and whether any further action needs to be taken.

It was reported that the cow head demonstrators had paraded and kicked a cow head to show their anger and objection to the building of a Hindu temple in their area. They chose the cow head for this purpose because cows are considered to be sacred in Hinduism.

But the cow head demonstrators had foolishly thought that they were insulting Hindus by parading and kicking the cow head. In reality, they were insulting Muslims by desecrating something blessed.

The cow is one of the few animals selected to be sacrificed in the name of Allah for daily consumption and during the Haj in Mecca. By parading and kicking the cow head, the demonstrators were, in fact, treating the cow head like trash.

Isn’t this a big insult to Islam, relegating the cow, one of the few animals acceptable for sacrifice in Islam, to the status of trash? Without doubt, the acts of the cow head demonstrators were truly sacrilegious when we further note that the cow head had been paraded, kicked and spat on.

This was from a cow which they had sacrificed earlier in the name of Allah, something halal which had been blessed by Allah. Isn’t this a very serious insult to Islam?

Parents to protest against Tamil school’s relocation (FreeMalaysiaToday)

image SUNGAI BULOH: The parents of students in Ladang Coalfied Tamil school here will stage a protest on Sunday against the plantation owner and a housing developer.

The estate workers, who claimed that they are being “tortured” after defying an order to vacate their homes, are now facing a similar predicament with the school.
A spokesperson for the parents, Lobat Raj, slammed the management and developer KL-Kepong Sdn Bhd, for using various tactics to shift the school and two places of worship, a church and a temple.The oil palm estate has been earmarked for a housing project.
“The developer and the management have never considered our hardship, and are only interested in making profits,” a vexed Raj told FMT.
He also disputed a letter produced by the developer which purportedly showed that 60 parents have consented to the school being shifted some 4km from its present location.
“Who are these 60 parents? Can the developer show them to us?” he asked, alleging that the majority of the signatories were outsiders.
According to Raj, the parents’ demand is simple. They want the school to be located near their houses.
“It is easier for us to send the children to school,” he said, adding that it will be dangerous for the children to cross the main road to go to the proposed new location.
“Last week alone, three children were hurt in accidents along the road,” he revealed.
‘No faith in PKR’s Xavier, MIC’s Parthiban invited’
As for the protest, Raj said some 400 people, comprising parents and locals, will gather at the school field to vent their frustration.
He also mentioned that no state government representatives have been invited, “because the parents have no trust in the exco in charge of Indian affairs, PKR’s Dr Xavier Jeyakumar”.
Instead, the residents have invited MIC’s former Ijok state assemblyman K Parthibhan.
Meanwhile, another resident Robert Vanapiah said the developer has not revealed the new site for the school.
“Our children walk to school, we have no buses. Imagine if they have to walk for 4km,” he said.
Last week, newly appointed Plantation Industries and Commodities Deputy Minister G Palanivel promised to resolve the issue when he visited the estate.
A ministry spokesman told FMT that Palanivel brought the matter to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s attention, and the latter promised to look into it.


IMG_1729 Rani born to a Muslim mother but since a sixteenth day old baby was adopted and brought up as a Hindu by a Hindu family. Rani practices Hinduism and wants to live and die as a Hindu . But the UMNO Jabatan Agama Islam stormed into her house and her husband Muniandy that very same night was forcibly circumcised. Muniandy was earlier threatened with a six year jail sentence if he did not convert to Islam. Now after thirty years later Rani’s daughter Vijiyaletchumi and Sasikala ( who is now 6 months pregnant ) are now suffering the very same predicament her mother Rani faced some thirty years ago because their identity cards carries a Muslim name although she practices Hinduism and has never practiced Islam.

Despite going up and down to the Islamic Religious Affairs Department on 30 occasions and over especially the last 18 years, the UMNO led racist and religious supremacist Malay-sian Government bullies, threatened and instills fear in them .

But the insult and stress is so severe on this family that Ganesan has even contemplated committing suicide.

Article 11 of the Malaysian Federal Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

Freedom of religion means any religion

We like to quote Prophet Muhammad’s hadis “ To you your religion and to me my religion “ .

The Human Rights Party has today officially written a letter to Malay-sian Prime Minister Najib Razak , Home Minister, Minister In charge of Islam, Chief Secretary to the government, Secretary General to the Home Minister for justice to be done to this poor and politically powerless Hindu family and that their religious status be reverted or changed to Hinduism .

And all this publicity was revealed today 31/7/2010 at a Press Conference at the Human Rights Party, Headquarters in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.


IMG_0674 IMG_1734
IMG_1742 IMG_1735
IMG_1732 freedom religion

Keluarga Hindu diugut & dinafikan kebebasan hak beragama dan penganiyaan oleh JAIM


freedom religion

IMG_1734 IMG_1742
IMG_1729 IMG_1735

Date  :    31th July 2010

YAB. Dato Seri Najib Razak Prime Minister of Malaysia, Blok Utama Bangunan Perdana Putra, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,             Fax: 03-88883444 62502 Putrajaya         E-Mail:

Y.B Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Menteri Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Kementerian Dalam Negeri, 
Blok D1 & D2, Kompleks D, 
Pusat Pentadbiran, 
Kerajaan Persekutuan,                        Fax: 03-2693 3131 
62546 Putrajaya              E-Mail:

Minister in The Prime Minister’s Department, 
Level 9, Block D7, Parcel D, 
Federal Government Administrative Centre,                                Fax: 03-8888 4952 
62519 PUTRAJAYA.        E-mail:

YAB/Y.B, Per: Keluarga Hindu diugut & dinafikan kebebasan hak beragama dan penganiyaan oleh JAIM

Merujuk kepada perkara yang tersebut diatas kami membawa kepada perhatian pihak tuan berkenaan satu keluarga Hindu yang dipaksa memuluk agama Islam berikut:-

Nama  Hindu Nama Islam yang dipaksa                                    No KP dan status yang dipaksa                                              
Rani (Ibu)                                           Jamilah Binti Kadir                       640425-10-7934  (Islam)
Muniandy a/l Munusamy (ayah) Mustapha Muniandy bin Abdullah K/P 5702390 (Islam)


Vijaya Letchumy a/p Muniandy


Aishah Binti Mustapha Muninady 830321-10-5894 (Hindu) 
Ganesan a/l Muniandy


Abdul Bin Mustapha Munindy 840917-10-6037 (Islam)
Nagendran a/l Muniandy


Hamzah  Bin Mustapha Munindy 861101-43-5877 (Islam)
Chitradevi a/p Munindy Chitra Devi Binti Mustapa 940425-10-6354 (Islam)

Mereka sekeluarga ini adalah penganut ugama Hindu yang dianiyai oleh Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka (JAIM). Mereka mengamalkan ugama Hindu dan hidup sebagai orang Hindu. Selama 18 tahun yang lampau mereka telah berjuang supaya nama dan status agama Islam dalam Kad Pengenalan mereka ditukar.

Kronologi  Rani (Jamilah Binti Kadir) adalah anak perempuan kepada Aminah A/P Ahmadu & ayahnya Abdullah Kadir A/L Abdullah yang berasal dari Banting, Selangor.  16 hari selapas Jamilah dilahirkan, Ibunya telah menyerahkan Rani kepada jiran mereka bernama Kandasamy(Hindu) sebagai anak mereka.

Rani dibesarkan sebagai seorang Hindu dan pada umur 16 tahun Rani telah dikahwinkan dengan Munindy a/l Munusamy. Mereka berkahwin secara sah disisi ugama Hindu di Kuil Teluk Bunut Banting dengan adat istiadat Hindu. Mereka telah tidak mendaftarkan perkahwinan mereka.

Kehidupan keluarga mereka menjadi kucar-kacir setelah Rani mengandung dan beliau pergi ke hospital Seremban untuk pemeriksaan doktor pada tahun 1983. Pada masa tersebut jururawat hospital tersebut telah mendapati kad pegenalan Rani sebagai orang Islam. Pihak hospital telah melaporkan perkara ini kepada pihak polis. Pada malam itu pegawai daripada Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri Sembilan telah datang kerumah Rani dan beliau memeriksa Kad Pengenalan mereka lalu menahan suaminya Muniandy dan diugut jika beliau tidak memeluk ugama Islam beliau akan dipenjara untuk 6 tahun. Kerana tekanan, ugutan dan tidak mahu dipenjara 6 tahun Muniandy takut dan telah tunduk kepada kehendak Jabatan Agama Negeri Sembilan dan dia telah disunat pada hari yang sama.

Selepas daripada itu Jabatan JAINS telah membawa Rani dan Muniandy untuk berjumpa ibu kandung Rani. Ibu kandung Rani iaitu Aminah A/P Ahmadu telah megesahkan dan membenarkan anaknya Rani dibesarkan oleh keluarga angkat secara Hindu. Namun pihak JAINS enggan menerima alasan ibu Rani dan JAIM menikahkan mereka secara paksa.

Rani sekeluarga telah berpindah ke Melaka pada tahun 2000 dan telah pergi ke JAIM dan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) (dengan membawa surat akuan bersumpah yang menyatakan bahawa beliau sedang mengamalkan agama Hindu) lebih-kurang 18 kali untuk tukar status agama mereka tetapi pihak berkenaan tidak peduli dengan kehendak mereka.

Ibu Rani, Aminah A/P Ahmadu telah menulis surat akuan (dilampirkan besama) kepada Ustaz Liew dari Masjid Al-Azim, Melaka:-

Walaupun Rani telah dinikahkan mengikut agama Islam, mereke masih mengamalkan upacara orang Hindu dan tidak pernah mengikut upacara dan adat resam orang Islam. Sejak lahir hingga sekarang anak saya masih meneruskan kehidupannya sebagai orang Hindu dan tidak pernah mengikut upacara ataupun adat resam orang Islam. Aminah memohon kepada JAIM supaya membenarkan Rani untuk terus mengamalkan agama Hindu.

Selepas surat akuan Aminah A/P Ahmadu bertarikh 10/03/2008 ini kepada JAIM,  Ustaz Liew dan rombongan telah meziarah kediaman Rani dan mengesahkan bahwa Rani dan sekeluarga mengamal agama Hindu. Dua minggu kemudian Ustaz Liew memanggil keluarga ini ke Masjid Al Azim dimana Rani, Vijaya Letcumi, Ganesan, Nagendran dan Chitra ditemuduga berasingan oleh pegawai JAIM.

Pegawai yang temuduga Rani cuba merasuahkannya dengan jawatan dalam kerajaan, bantuan kabajikan dll kalau mereka terus berstatus dalam Islam. Rani menolak dan menyatakan yang beliau tetap akan mengamalkan agama Hindu. Pegawai JAIM tersebut telah naik berang dan terus ugut Rani bahawa dia akan dipenjarakan kerana ini. Lalu Rani telah berkata “walaupun saya dipenjarakan, saya tetap akan berpegang kepada agama Hindu”. Selepas temuduga, pegawai JAIM mengesahkan Rani sekeluarga mengamalkan agama Hindu. Uztaz Liew memberitahu yang beliau akan memberi jawapan dalam dua (2) minggu namun selepas itu tiada jawapan. Selepas 2 minggu anak Rani bernama Ganesan telah pergi ke JAIM dan berjumpa dengan seorang pegawai bernama Nazri (012-7117098) Apabila ditanya Nazri dengan angkuh telah memberitahu Ganesan yang mereka tidak boleh buat apa-apa dan suruh dapatkan peguam membela mereka.

Minggu berikutnya Rani pergi ke JAIM dan berjumpa Ustaz Liew (017-2538968). Rani sekali lagi merayu namun Ustaz Liew hanya menyuruh mereka untuk terus amal agama Hindu dan hanya masa meninggal dunia pihak JAIM akan ambil dan kebumikan mayat mereka sebagai orang Islam. Adakah ini cara seorang Ustaz mencari penyelesai bagi keluarga Rani?

Kini Ganesan telahpun berkahwin dengan seorang wanita yang berugama Hindu dan isterinya sedang mengandung tetapi kad pegenalan Ganesan berstatus Islam. Rani memberitahu kami bahawa Ganesan sedang mengalami tekanan jiwa dan mahu membunuh diri olehkerana masalah paksaan memuluk kepada ugama Islam ini. Jika apa-apa berlaku pada keluarga Rani, pihak JAIM dan kerajaan Malaysia harus bertanggungjawab atas musihbah yang melanda mereka. Sehingga ke hari ini hanya Vijaya Letchumy seorang sahaja yang telah berjaya menukar status agama beliau dari Islam kepada Hindu.

Artikel 11 Perlembagaan menjamin kebebasan berugama. Setahu kami tidak ada paksaan dalam Islam. Kami ada pengetahuan mengenai hadis Nabi s.a.w. yang berbunyi “kepada kamu ugama kamu kepada aku ugama aku”.

Kami meminta kerjasama dan tindakan awal daripada pihak Yang Amat Berhormat / Y.B agar mendapat satu penyelesaian segera setelah 18 tahun penderitaan keluarga ini untuk meneruskan kehidupan mereka sebagai orang Hindu dan mengikut adat resam Hindu yang telah diamalkan selama ini.

Kerjasama daripada pihak tuan amatlah dihargai.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.

Yang benar,

S. Jayathas

(012 – 636 2287)

Ketua Penerangan Pusat,


c.c:  Tan Sri Mohd Sidek bin Haji Hassan          Ketua Setiausaha Negara                          Pejabat Ketua Setiausaha Negara
Aras 4, Blok Timur,                                                                               
Bangunan Perdana Putra                                            
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan          No Faks: 03-88883382 
62502 Putrajaya                     Email:

Dato’ Sri Mahmood bin Adam Ketua Setiausaha,  Kementerian Dalam Negera, Aras 12, Block D1, Kompleks D,    Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan 62540 Putrajaya                 No. Faks: 03-88891758

Dato’ Haji Wan Mohamad Bin Dato’ Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ketua Pengarah JAKIM Aras 9, Blok D7, Parcel D, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan    No. Faks: 03-88892033 W.P. Putrajaya                                                  E-mail :



A group of Malaysian New Yorkers who were involve in the Hindraf Rose Rally in New York February 2008 to obtain the release of the Prisoners of Conscience have come forward to ensure that the struggle and battle of HINDRAF/HRP is not in vain for their brother and sisters ie the marginalized and poverished 70% of the Malaysian Indian masses. Among themselves they collected RM 10,000 for the convention.

The fund donated by them will be used to ensure that that HINDRAF Convention inaugural convention can be a successful event to further strengthen the movement of conscience people for what is fair and just in a modern day apartheid country such as in Malaysia.

Hindraf New York encourages those affluent and able Malaysians around the world that we the fortunate ones should support and continue the struggle of HINDRAF/HRP for those who are indiscreetly marginalized and discriminated such as the poorer masses of the Malaysian Indians.
Hindraf in New York belief’s that HINDRAF and HRF are engaged in a war for truth, purity and unselfishness; therefore no power will be able to crush it as it is a movement for conscience and human dignity.

We call upon other Malaysian in Malaysia and around the globe to come together and understand that if one is possesed for what is the truth, purity and unselfishness, even an individual will be able to face the whole universe in opposition.

R. Shan

UMNO’s MIC Indian mandore Minister told to mislead: “ One Indian family one doctor ambition” is wrong. By Iraiputtiran

Hello Minister, the new sheriff in town, the proud representative of the 1% rich, 29 % not so poor and 70% poor Indians of this land. How are you? I am sure you are in the pinkest of your health with all the luxury of MIC Maamanithar‘s blessings as well as the éclat of UMNO Mandorism!

Until I saw that piece of rubbish entitled, “The Indian community should change its mindset of having a doctor in every household, said MIC vice-president Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam”, “Indians advised to change mindset and rethink field of study” in The Star dated 19 July 2010 at page N 20, I have never given a damn to whatever you or your MIC losers and goners blabber! Simply because we are more concerned about the thousand and one problems afflicted upon the society, from womb to tomb, by your UMNO Taukeys whom you worship and duly serve at the expense of justice, humanity and dignity of the Indians in this country!  

When top achieving Indian students are mourning the death of meritocracy in the field of education, including higher learning institutions, when the parents of this students are grieving in silence that all their effort, energy and money spent on educating their children weren’t enough to get them the only lifeline, EDUCATION, to survive in this land of UMNO racism, to save them from the inherent poverty, you told them to change their mindset and rethink their field of study!  How tragic!

Mr. Minister, please stop manipulating the truth in your pathetic attempt to save the faces of your Ummm…NO… .. masters! Just who are you to tell the Indians in this land not to dream their dreams! Will you similarly advise the Chinese in this country to stop thinking of becoming businessmen and women and start thinking of joining armed forces to save the country? Will you dare tell the Malays to stop dreaming of getting all sorts of scholarships to study overseas and becoming some kinds of Ketuas, Pengarahs, YBs and Menteris? Would you dare? NO, never, you will chicken out in front of the Malays and Chinese. You only show your paper tiger claws to the poor Indians, as they are the easiest and softest of targets to cover up UMNO’s 53 years screwed up governance of the country!

My dear Minister, please stop papering over the cracks and address the real issue! Before you generously bestow the bright Indians students the “penny wise, pound foolish” sort of advice and mislead them, repair your malfunctioning medical brain and find the root cause for the education malady afflicting our nation!  Even if your defected brain is functioning 0.001% you would realize that it is UMNO that needs advice on how to run the education ministry and its affairs! From (Permata) Kindergarten to professorship, every education matter is this country is contaminated by racism and religious extremism!

….we must have the right mind to decide which field offers a higher demand and supply in order to help us grow…!

My Lord in Heaven! Since when UMNO or the Ministry of Education run courses at the university based on demand and supply for the nation? Just look at the low-class graduates churned out at local varsities! You spend millions and billions on scholarships and loans to admit these low-achieving matriculation and SPM drop-out “No Holds Barred” students at the cost of thousands of high achieving Chinese and Indian students only to spend many more millions upon their graduation to get them employed! What supply and demand or meritocracy you are talking about?

The best brains are denied their rightful places at the universities just because their skin colours are yellow or brown/dark and they don’t have bins or bintis behind their names. Nevertheless, the 7Es, 7Ds, 3As and 4As can be blessed with options of going into matriculation or local varsity and even overseas for further studies! How luxurious! Nowhere else in this world there is a race so pampered and so spoilt for choices from birth to death, just based on the skin colour and religion! The millions that you use to repair the manufacturing defects of the “No Holds Barred” community could have been better used to produce tens of doctors, or thousands of other professionals, without any manufacturing defects that could be employed straight away!

You mentioned quota system! Why talk about quota system only in granting of scholarships and university places? Where is your quota system in granting land titles and allocations for schools? Human Rights Party reported on 13 May 2010 in its website that one Malay Muslim MRSM gets RM 120 million, Hulu Selangor Chinese school gets RM 3 Million, whereas, only RM 5,000 by PKR for Tamil schools. Your UMNO is of course by far worse. One Malay Muslim SK Seri Perak school gets RM 20 Million, whereas zero for 523 Tamil schools! For 53 years, you and your MIC can’t do a diddle to transform the Tamil schools into fully aided government schools! What business do you have telling the poor students to change their mindsets?

Why don’t you talk about quota system in all other areas and ministries as well? Why no quota for Professors, Directors, Deans, VCs, CEOs, Principals and Headmasters, all of which positions are 100 % dominated by Malays? Why no quota system for MPs, ADUNs and ministers? Why no quota for business licenses, FELDA, FELCRA, MARDI, MADA, KEJORA, etc. schemes? What about welfare help? Why no quota system for franchise business, highway stalls and shops, local council projects, petrol stations, permits, government contracts, etc? Public Service Department is over flooded with 1.2 million servants to 28 million citizens! How many of these are Indians or Chinese or lain-lain? Where is your quota system Mr. Minister? Do all these areas have 7.8 % Indian involvement? Even in the field of education, Human Rights Party estimated, the university intake of Indian students this year is only 0.27%, much lower than last year! What quota system are you blabbering about?

Your UMNO lies about everything, twists and turns the facts to continue deceiving the public. Your two different systems for higher education, SPM/Matriculation and STPM is a classic example of UMNO’s blatant discrimination on non-Malay students! If this is truly 1-Malaysia, why don’t you abolish STPM and have one university entrance examination? You deny the top scoring Indian students their rightful places at the universities, but you offer over 75,000 places to foreign Muslim students, many of whom are sponsored by UMNO-sia! In 2008, your UMNO denied Renuwathy, the sixth best student in the country with 13As’ a PSD scholarship. This year, your UMNO dished out peanuts and certificates of recognition to 207 top scoring Indian students!  Your One Malay-sia Prime Minister Najib Razak dished out to almost all Malay Muslim students 847,485 JPA, Mara, Khazanah, GLC, Bank Negara, Yayasan TNB, TM Bhd, Bank Negara, 13 State Yayasan Negeri, etc. scholarships, as well as University and Matriculation places this year! The most recent news, UITM gets 12 new campuses @ RM 300 million each (3.6 Billion in total) for 48,000 students on top of existing 170,000 Malay Muslim students. Indians are excluded 100%. Where is your quota system here?  You call this meritocracy? You call this 1 Malaysia? Who are you fooling, Mr. Minister?


If you truly believe this is just and fair, can you suggest to the Malay-sia cum UMNO-sia government to swap the deals??? You take what you gave the Indians and we take what you gave the Malays? DEAL OR NO DEAL? You told the Indian students to have the right mind, but you are brain dead!

The Indians know very well your UMNO engineered shrewd and sly strategies to reduce the number of Indian doctors in this country! You deny them their rightful places at local varsities to study medicine. You deny them loans to study medicine overseas. You derecognize the many good universities in India that these students go to. You do everything to block Indians from becoming doctors! This has been going on since the past 30 years, especially during and after Tun Mahathir’s era! That is the truth we have long realized! The same goes to other prestigious courses including pharmaceutical studies, accountancy, teaching, law, engineering, architecture, etc.  The middle class, not so poor Indians work their butts out, sell their properties and mortgage their houses to put their children through med school! Thousands of other high achieving and aspiring students from poor families, whose parents are rubber tappers, lorry drivers, estate workers, etc.  get their hopes and ambitions smashed to smithereens despite having qualified!  Your education system and ministry are completely plagued, defected and retarded! And you in your right mind, told the Indian students to change their mindset! What a tragedy in education!

UMNO is racist to the core and whatever you say or do on behalf of UMNO, only proves to strengthen the fact! Mr. Minister, if you have any self-conscience and dignity left in yourself, do the right thing, leave UMNO (I mean MIC/BN) and stop being the lap dog! The next time you are stuck in a rut, don’t advise the poor Indian students, but tell the “No Holds Barred” community to accept meritocracy, all educational malady in this land will be cured and we can all live happily ever after!

Until then, have a brain surgery and a speedy recovery, sir!

Thank you.