Malay-sian Police Special Branch in trail of Hindraf Chair P.Waytha Moorthy at Public Records office (UK National Archives‏)



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The above photos were taken by well wishers of HINDRAF who are taking turns to keep Waytha Moorthy safe in London at the National Archives Kew London.

On 28th October the 1st Malay Special Branch officer was spotted loitering in the research areas in the archives spying on the research work on behalf of Hindraf carried out by Waytha Moorthy. The next day 29th October he came with a Pakistani/Bangladeshi looking mystery male and pointed out Waytha Moorthy to the mystery man.

Hindraf would hold the Malay-sian Special Branch responsible should anything untoward happened to Waytha Moorthy.

We are particularly concerned with the safety of Waytha Moorthy as over the last 3 months there has been political killings (hired killers) in the UK involving at least 2 overseas Political leaders /activists seeking asylum in UK.

Deepavali :Malay-sian Police racism against Indian beaten up in front of wife and children and detained for 2 years without trial.

 New Scan-20101031154117-00001

(see The Star 31/10/10 at page N 19)

The Malay-sian civil clothes gangster like policemen even told the K.Selvachandran’s wife to kiss him before beating him up in front of the family and taking him away.To take revenge for testifying in a court Inquest that he witnessed police beating up and killing P.Gunasegaran.All this happened within hours of the pro police Malay-sian Judiciary’s open verdict and no criminal prosecution . The Malay-sian Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail would not prosecute the murderers policemen and delayed the whole administration of Justice with this Inquest to delay justice and hoping that the Indians would forget it when things cool down. And then only to kill another poor Indian in police custody.

When the evidence of Malay-sian policeman beating up K.Selvachandran is so glaring ,plain and obuious especially with two eye witnesses.

Happy Deepavali AG and IGP!


HRP Letter to meet Australian P.M on Indian minority rights

HRP Letter to meet Australian P.M on Indian minority rights, scholarships for top Indian students denied places in Malay-sia.

(See today’s Makkal Osai page 10)


Information Chief

HRP Australian Ambassy
(From left) Mani CF, K.Selvam (HRP Vice President), Chandramohan & Mano at Australian High Commission, Jln Yap Kwan Seng. Kuala Lumpur



RM 248.6 billion contracts and projects in five corridors. But zero ringgit direct contracts and projects for Indian contractors.

(See SH 13/7/10 at page N 10)

Only sub of sub contractors and that too may be only! Enough to drive a proton or a ten year old Mercedes Benz and to showcase Indian contractors showpieces.

The UMNO led Malay-sian government being the largest spender only wants the Indians as their work horses. Never to share the country’s wealth and prosperity.

One Malay-sia?

P. Uthayakumar


Indians have to build their own community hall, football field, badminton and futsal courts because UMNO and PKR govt won’t. Why no sports complex in Indians areas?

(See SH 27/7/10 at page S 10)

The PKR Selangor Menteri Besar throws some peanuts handout of RM 15,000 to the locals. PKR Indian mandore’s temporary wayang kulit theatrics solution. As usual UMNO, PKR, DAP & PAS and take it that their job is done with this and another media coverage.

But never a permanent Community Hall, football field, badminton court, futsal court etc. Why not a local Sports Complex including a swimming pool? Unless PKR thinks that the poor Indians do not swim!

Pray tell us of one permanent Sports Complex including a community hall build by either UMNO or PKR, DAP or PAS in any one Indian settlement or area. Unless they think that the Indians do not need rest and recreation.

Somehow when it comes to Indians there is almost never a permanent solution.

It is almost always temporary. It is the duty of the ruling government in any part of the world to build these basic community facilities except in Malay-sia where the Indians have to build the same themselves.

We recall this very same kutty PKR mandore who made an SOS call to us way back in 2004. P.Uthayakumar rushed to Kg. Indian settlement in Batu Caves, leaped up the bulldozer that had demolished the office and I was about to demolish the main Indian Community Hall and literally stopped and saved this hall.

Even after six years, the PKR mandores never got a permanent solution to their problems as they still choose to assume the mandore role for both UMNO and PKR.

S. Jayathas