image The gangsterism among the Indian are long rooted from many factor ,but UMNO is using their Indian Mandore to hide the real root cause of the problem, try to hide that they are the one responsible to create it  and  try to get away from their responsibility , now they are doing extensive media propaganda to project as if the Indian gangsterism is due to Tamil movies especially in private TV channel,  the BN  Indian Mandores who should suggest solution to the government to solve the problem but they in turn give statement that Indian gangsterism is due to Tamil movie and parents negligence, they try to justified that the police need to use more harsher action to stifle Indian gangsterism by using emergency ordinance to arrest suspect as they wish and lock them up in Simpang Renggam,but that is mere UMNO usual fake propaganda to hide the real root cause.

mhindraf The real root cause and under laying problem is racism for 53  years that led to poverty and lack of opportunity to earn a living in legal way, Indian youth are denied skill training , university education, even Tamil school education are poor because of lack of government support  , business opportunity,land ownership program Felda and Felcra, job in civil and private, other than that the Indian displacement  from estate to urban without proper planning and assistance from government are greatly contributed to the current bad state.

When estate are taken over by UMNO own companies  Sime Darby and Gutherie, the Indian are displace without proper compensation, they have been cheated by given peanut Rm3500 or RM3000 and ask to leave their home in estate , their home later demolished to allow palm oil plantation and foreign labour are imported to do the work once for all denying job for estate Indians , thus this unfortunate state let them ended up as urban poor and downtrodden , living in the area not so conducive, poverty and raising cost of living made them to  suffer , most of  these families members work in town and cities in low wage jobs , family financial problem has made  their children to quit school prematurely  and they tend to expose to other social ill at urban.The Indian youth that has such a disadvantage compare to other community are easy expose to crime ,because poverty has made them desperate they are most vulnerable,member of the underworld easily picked them up to do their illegal job.

To undo long negligence towards this portion of society, what should the government do , instead put all blame on Tamil movie ,they should implement a plan for the Indian youth , Indian youth are country resource that so long been wasted and flow to the wrong way, give them all skill training, Tekun business loan, allow them  into Asrama Penuh skill training school  in hundred of institution available to the Malays and completely close for Indian enrolment for now.Don’t push this responsibility to MIC that cannot do anything without the support and resources from the government.Include them in all main stream development because they too born in this soil and they too sun of this soil according to the federal constitution stated in article 8 equality.


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