Biased K.L. Sessions Judge in P. Uthayakumar’s Sedition trial refused after lunch adjournment even when told of P. Uthayakumar’s back spine pain which started during his ISA detention at Kamunting for 514 days. No mercy No Justice.

police shooting

Justice must be tampered with mercy. Justice must not only be done but must manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done. But these legal principles has no place with the 95% malay muslim dominated Malay-sian Court Judges

But this biased presiding Sessions Court judge Sabariah binti Othman started at 9.25 a.m and stopped only at 12.59 sharp for lunch with 15 minute in between for P. Uthayakumar to check on some new documents tendered by the witness.

At 12.59 after suffering from back pain and having been on his feet the whole day yesterday with only the lunch break and half a day today P. Uthayakumar asked for the afternoon’s court hearing to be vacated to the next court hearing date aweek later on 6/12/10.

But this biased Judge rudely remarked “sampai bila” referring to the detailed questioning of the witness by P. Uthayakumar and not moving on fast enough to complete this case as soon as possible. Justice hurried is justice buried.

Or irritated at the pleading guilty as in 98% of the cases as the Malay-sian Judges are so used to and getting a walk over and sending thousands of Indians to jail when forced to plead guilty when they cannot afford the bail or legal fees.

The demeanor of this biased Judge was so obviously on the instructions from UMNO to go full steam and convict P. Uthayakumar so that he is sent to jail and is silenced or he cannot stand for the elections in the forthcoming general elections.

The Deputy Public Prosecutors present were Noorin Badaruddin Mellisa bt Md. Akhir and Hanim bt Rashid.

The witness who was grilled by P. Uthayakumar about police brutality killings in police custody and by police shooting for the second day in a row was no other than DCP Dato Acryl Sani bin Abdullah Sani the Deputy Director I of the Criminal Investigations Department Bukit Aman Federal Police Headquarters.

Among the highlights in today’s hearing is:-

1) 126 Malaysians died/were killed in police custody from 2000 to February 2010.

2) The youngest detainee killed in police custody out of the 31 Indians listed (killed) during this period is Hendry Sreedharan (19) and S. Tharma Rajen (19). Do they deserve to die at this tender and youthful age.

3) P. Uthayakumar put it to the witness that this list was fabricated by excluding scores of other Indian youths killed in police custody.

(See list below)

The other points would be continued tomorrow.

The court proceedings today proceeded right up to 17.00 (5.00p.m) sharp despite P. Uthayakumar’s obvious backbone pain.

This case is to continue at full steam on 6/12/10.

Justice not Mercy. The Hindraf struggle continues.

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice


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DCP Acyril

The Emergence of third force in Malaysian politics‏


Emergence of third force first suggested by Hindraf/HRP , many people makes fun of it , but after one year past, even mighty UMNO PM said they would like to invite the socalled third force to joint BN as few party from east Malaysia may likely to joint force in the third force, but HRP are strong in the stand to oppose BN as they are the one root cause of all the downtrodden Indian problem in the country, the third force is necessary to teach Pakatan who think that the Indian has no other choice than voting them while UMNO think that the Indian can be pull back to BN by showing wayang kulit and peanut handout to fool the Indian.

BN may think those Indian dissatisfied with Pakatan has no choice than voting back BN.It seems no matter Ravana or Raman rule , the Indian not  going to get anything unless a third force must always pressure  them to do something for the poor Indian.Today we know that PKR dominant multiracial party has emerge less multiracial through the election outcome of the leaders line up with 90% Malays and Indian are totally side step in selection and PKR only give more emphasis to Malays vote sentiment , while DAP is a Chinese party and PAS is sole Islamic ideology party , overall Pakatan Rakyat arrangement is sole for two major races and totally ignored the Indian, in this case whom do the Indian will vote, do they must vote back the monster evil UMNO/BN, or Indian likely to abstain from voting ,all this are senseless , what  can Indian do, we have no other choice than to vote  the third force Hindraf/HRP to teach both UMNO/BN and  Pakatan a lesson that they cannot take the Indian for a  ride.

If at least HRP would win  two sits in every state, that is good enough to bring Indian issues to state level and parliament, and HRP will not hesitate to pressure to pull back from state if serious injustices inflicted towards the Indian in that state control matter such as land mater for temples or schools , at current no single Indian issue are brought to parliament as the Pakatan politician fear losing Malay vote if the did so while MIC is totally handicapped to voice or correct injustices towards Indian and UMNO with his Ketuanan Melayu and suppressive attitude towards Indian or all of them felt Indian are insignificant.



Man who torched himself over Puchong temple demolition dies.

url dap pas

A man, who set himself ablaze in a bid to stop a temple store demolition in Pusat Bandar Puchong on Nov 8, died in Hospital Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday.

M. Chakragunasegaran,52, who suffered severe burns to his body and face, died at 9.15am after 22 days in hospital. He leaves behind a wife and five children.

He will be cremated at the Kampung Tunku Crematorium at 12pm Wednesday, family members said.

On Nov 8, when 200 Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) workers, police and RELA members began the demolishing the store linked to the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple on Chakragunasegaran shouted don’t demolish, set himself ablaze and then fainted.

Members of the public rushed to put out the blaze but he suffered severe burns.

It is understood that MPSJ had, on Oct 26, given the temple committee seven days to move out as a kindergarten was slotted to be built on the store’s site which was part of the land belonging to the adjacent Tamil primary school.

HRP ready to fight in heavyweight category to meet Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan National in next general.

Hindraf has become a legend for what it has been able to achieve – to show up the false rules and to take courageous action to hit at the ruling Government. Why has this happened? After 53 years the UMNO government keeps telling us that they are doing the best for all the communities on the one hand, yet we have this process of marginalization of Indians continuing unabated.

Indian lives are surrounded and smothered by UMNO and their Mandores. Hindraf started the brave action and started to educate the poor and marginalized about their rights. People start to think and agree. For this the leaders of Hindraf were detained under the draconic ISA law for 514 days. And exiled from the country.

The Indians then decided enough is enough and decided to throw out UMNO. Now the Indian poor and marginalized are very strong in mind and heart, and are not going to cooperate with UMNO anymore and are surely going to push them out from Putrajaya.

In the 2008 General Election Hindraf give life to a weak Malaysian opposition coalition, the PAKATAN RAKYAT. Pakatan leaders however, after getting all the Indian votes now do not want to solve the Indian problems permanently but keep busy creating new Mandores to prevent the poor Indians from asking about their rights. We are cheated again by Pakatan Rakyat.

Our leader released from ISA announces a new Indian party to keep fighting against UMNO. Pakatan Rakyat is not ready to accept our new political party in their march to Putrajaya. They want our leader to join their party and perform a Mandores’s job and they forgot that they are talking to a totally new kind of leader.

Pakatan Rakyat has 3 leaders Anwar Ibrahim and Hadi Awang for Malays and Lim kit Siang for Chinese, Where is the Indian leader for Indians…..? What is the so difficult for Pakatan Rakyat to accept our leader to talk on behalf of Indians. There are few question frequently asked by some from the Pakatan Rakyat stable.

1. Why does HRP always hit PR not BN?

We have already decided we are not going back to BN again, so why do we have to worry about their policies and positions and waste our energy with BN, I voted for PR to correct all the nonsense. I have all the right to correct PR. I hit to correct PR, if PR does not realize then they will not go any further than where they are now.

2. Why is HRP going to create three corner election fights – that will split the vote and give BN to win.

So if PR is worried about this, then don’t waste time. Let’s work together as a team and please do not expect us to come in as underlings, worse as Mandores. Let the 4 leaders sit together at one table ( DSAI, Hadi, Kit Siang and Uthaya ) and discuss to make a decision for every development issue.

3. I think Uthaya is planted by BN and sponsored by BN?

This is a every easy and self serving argument that you can use on anybody – including on Anwar Ibrahim. Uthaya is planted by Hindraf Makkal Sakti. Pakatan tries to create this nonsensical picture to bring HRP down. Sorry lah Pakatan, this is a Year 2010 not year 1974 ( Mahathir + Mandore politic ).

4. Malaysia only have 7% Indians, how they can win anything?

Win or lose is doesn’t matter to HRP. We can show the path for change and we will make people think and engage in the process of real change. We may be 7 % in numbers and a minority but we are a very vocal minority and in electoral politics that can make for a lot of difference.

5. Why is Pakatan Rakyat worried about HRP?

We can shake the 53 years old BN government. Pakatan Rakyat is just 3 years old, so is nothing for HRP. They know well, even if HRP cannot win any seats in the coming general election they can still destroy PKR Anwar Ibrahim’s desire to become the next Prime minister.

6. HRP is a racist party?

Please do not condition your mind with your suggestion in the question. The answer is that most of the victims of basic human rights are Indians. Nobody really lifts a finger to help them. So who is going to help them? You think people from Thailand or Singapore. So we form a party to take care of our rights – you see anything wrong with that.

7. Why Indians have so many political parties?

This is a picture that BN and PR want to create to throw up a picture of disarray among the Indians. The fact of the matter is that most of those parties are nothing more than a bunch of greedy Mandores and few of their cronies. Useful for propaganda.

Pakatan Rakyat, start to think about your political position. Do not underestimate the influence of HRP and other minority groups? What you have to do is to accommodate the minority groups’ aspirations. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish!



Penang State

HRP Chairman