UMNOs’ 2 MIC Ministers kosong politics:- UMNO takes it away, gives it back after 32 years and try score political points.


This has been the racist and religious supremacist UMNO’s SOP or Standard Operation Procedure.

Similarly UMNO takes away the Indian Studies Department in University of Malaya, gives it back and try score political points, UMNO denies you of your birth certificate, Identity Card, and citizenship, gives it back to you after 60 years and try score points and UMNO unlawfully arrests PSMs’ Indian Dr.Jayakumar & others and release them and they score political points and etc etc.

But after the 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally, UMNO cannot fool the Indians anymore.

Karunainithi @ Compassionate Justice.


64% Indian poor IC, BC & Citizenship rejected by racist and religious supremacist UMNOs’ JPN as “incomplete”.

hisham2 And for this UMNO expects a very big thank you and for the Indian poor to be grateful to them and be at their mercy. And even for the rest of 39% only one or two show pieces are actually given their IC,BC & Citizenship. Why didn’t UMNO publish the names & IC number of the said 39%?

It is the job of the National Registration Department in any country to complete any incomplete form except in racist UMNO’s 1 Malay-sia.

Why return back the incomplete documents? Why not rectify incomplete forms by mostly the Indian poor at source?

To further UMNO’s racist and religious supremacist agenda?


RM297 Million UITM Campus on 88.2 hectares (306 acres) land. But 100% of deserving Indians excluded and segregated.


This is in direct contravention of Article 12 of the Federal Constitution which provides that there shall be no discrimination in education for schools receiving government financial assistance.

But this UMNO regime refuse to follow the law or the Federal Constitution.

Where in the Malaysian law does it give UMNO the right to have 100% Malay muslims only in University UITM. UMNO however accepts 10% foreign muslims though as part of their UMNO racist and religious supremacist agenda.

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

rm297 mILLION uitm campus