Raja Petra: Tamil MP in Canada belongs to a civil society unlike the uncivil and racism against Indian poor by UMNO, PKR, DAP, PAS and NGO’s


We invite Raja Petra Kamaruddin, PKR, DAP, PAS and NGO’s to view the said Canadian Tamil MP’s video gain and note how the civil society Caucasian orang putih applaud from the bottom of their hearts when this Tamil MP spoke in Tamil at the Canadian Parliament.

Let alone speaking in Tamil, try even speaking up on the critical Indian poor problems in the Malay-sian Parliaments. While the racist UMNO MPs will shout you down the PKR, DAP and PAS, MP’s will remain silent ie racist collaborators by omission.

Just look up the Malaysia Today website and there is proof that at best oly 1% of the critical and pressing Indian problems are ever published. Even during our hour of need and during an “emergency” Raja Petra’s website did not put up our SOS financial appeals for bail for the 54 Hindraf activists who were prosecuted for merely being a member of Hindraf.

Raja Petra saying Bersih is not PR is like saying UMNO is not behind Perkasa. We are against racism against the Indian poor from both sides of the political and NGO spectrum.

62 NGO’s were invited to form Bersih. But not Hindraf. Ever wonder why?

So Raja Petra, don’t talk about the class Canadian MPs’ the Hindraf leaders are supposed to emulate as we are in the world’s most racist country.

Many of us the Hindraf leaders have worked and lived in the Western Civil Societies. There is no way the white man government treats their minority citizens to this racist extent as what is happening racist UMNO Malay-sia. And ably watched over by NGIs, NGOs, PKR, DAP, PAS and the pseudo Malay-sian civil society.

Last but no least Hindraf never said they are boycotting the Bersih Rally. They were merely demanding the Hindraf’s 18 Point Demands before supporting Bersih. Hindraf is no MIC or PR Indian mandores to blindly support Bersih, PKR, DAP or PAS.

We mean business in putting to an end to the UMNO racism and targeting of the Indian poor.

And we are also sending the early warning signals to PR that we would also fight PR when get to Putrajaya if they are to continue with the UMNO racism targeting the Indian poor.

But if Bersih or PR wants the blind Indian support for free or free Indian votes as in the 2008 G.E, that is not going to happen.

Raja Petra Refuse turned