Merdeka: Rubber & palm oil total Revenue in 1957 -68% by Indians,tin-30% by Chinese, belachan & dried fish-0.13% by Malay muslims.Indian poor-the sucked oranges after 54 years of Merdeka.


For UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak and the bi racial Chinese and malay muslim  One Malay-sians it is Merdeka today.But for the indian poor it marks the 54th black anniversary of the oppression,suppression and depression in bi racial One Malaysia.
From the word go upon independence on 31st August 1957 ,UMNO never intended the indian poor to be part of the national mainstream development of Malaysia.The Chinese were even  then developed as the business community and suppliers to the British army and machinery under their divide and rule policy.
In fact even before Merdeka the then UMNO leaders led by Tun Razak,the father of the present Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had already chartered UMNOs’ racist,facist and malay muslim supremacist policies and targetting the Indian poor for segregation and exclusion from the national mainstream development of Malaysia.
Before Merdeka and even in 1956 the FELDA Act 1956 was passed to provide for 10 acre land ownership schemes to tens of thousands of the malay muslim poor.A mere token 1% showcase and showpiece was granted to the Indian poor in Bahau,Labu Johnson,Trolak Jerantut etc even though the pre existing rubber and palm oil plantation workers running into tens of thousands were the 95% Indian poor.The Indian poor literally with their bare hands cleared the impenertrable jungles and opened up plantations for their British colonial masters.
From the records of the Public Records Office(National Archives), Kew,London, the Federal Revenue collected in 1957, Rubber($120,406,517.93) and Palm oi($2,143,674.66) produced almost all by the Indian poor accounted for 68% of the total export earner for the then Malaya followed by ($54,242,314.74) 30% being for tin produced by the Chinese and Belachan,dried fish etc($251,003.76)  produced by the Malay muslims accounted for a mere 0.13% of the total export.
But today after 54 years of Merdeka the Indian poor are segregated and excluded from the national mainstream development of Malaysia from womb to tomb to become the sucked oranges in bi racial One Malay-sia as is documented and reported on a day to day basis especially in

The not lazy but hard working Indian poor are not asking for Special Privileges and Rights like the Malay muslims.We are merely asking for equal rights and equal opportunities in business,business loans,licences,projects,contracts,jobs in public and private sectors,scholarships,study loans,public University places and equal upward mobitity opportunities.

While UMNO and Prime Minister Najib Razak intends the Indian poor to become the negros of bi racial One Malay-sia by 2020, PKR, DAP and PAS top leaders Anwar Ibrahim,Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang contribute to this UMNO segregation and exclusion by their omission to speak up against these injustices and atrocities as they fear losing the 60% malay muslim votes.Change?

Karunai Nithi@Compassionate Justice

UMNO needs 4 million more foreign workers to suppress 70% Indian poor from taking up 10 acres in Felda, Felcra & Risda land ownership scheme.

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No excess of foreign workers says racist UMNO Immigration D.G.

This is so that UMNO can preserve the 70% Malaysian Indian poor and create the future Indian poor who will all complete with the lowly paid foreign workers.

Otherwise half of the 442,000 Malay muslim Felda, Felcra & Risda ten acre land each no more wanting to or no more prepared  to work because of old age, they have moved up the social strata etc to the Indian poor who are prepared to work hard and earn their money, upward mobility and a better future for their children to become pilots, scientists, IT graduates, doctors, lawyers, accountants like Felda Malay muslim children.

But to circumvent this and to keep the 10 acre land ownership within the Malay muslims and to create opportunities for fellow Indonesian, Bangladesh & Myanmar muslims, UMNO embarks on this racist, religious supremacist, facist and bigotry foreign workers labour policy.

(see The Star 27/8/2011 at page 4)

umno needs

Office phones ringing non stop.” P.Uthayakumar’s 25 Nov Hindraf Rally book in daily segments No. 193 (31/8/11).


Office phones ringing non stop

The office telephone lines and my mobile phone was ringing non stop. At one point I stopped answering my handphone and handed over the same to S. Jayathas the Parti Keadilan Rakyat Deputy Chief of Kota Melaka but a supporter of Hindraf, my staff Shanta, my death in police custody support group head Mr Periasamy and a few other Hindraf supporters who used to literally “camp” in my legal office towards the 25th day of November 2007. The calls were so intense that I had asked my old friend Pakianathan formerly of DAP Klang to get us some volunteers just to answer phone calls and to attend to the people who walk into the office. One Michael was assigned by Pakianathan to help out on a more than a full time basis just to answer telephone calls alone. Together with him were three other Information Technology youths referred to by Waytha Moorthy’s close confidante Rajamohan who were also helping out. Most of the phone calls were on the signature campaign to Queen Elizabeth II which was the brainchild of P. Waytha Moorthy. Scores of pages of the signatures were pouring into our legal firm by people walking in. The CCTV in my office was sponsored by Manokrishnan of Kayu Ara, Damansara and his friends who were concerned for my safety after the incident of the attack at gunpoint by the Malaysian secret police against me after which I had sought asylum in the United Kingdom temporarily and thereafter a life bullet was sent to me by courier when I came back.

Selamat Hari Raya: HRP wishes that the majority UMNO,PKR & PAS Malay muslims protect,grant equality and equal opportunities to also the Indian poor according to the Quran and Hadis of Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.


In fact in a muslim majority country, it is incumbent upon the muslim majority to protect and never to nyaya especially the Indian poor as what is happening on a widespread basis and with impunity in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia.Because after kiamat and after we gather at Padang Masyar,we are answerable to Allah swa on why we caused this level of injustice and misery to the Indian poor.In the eyes of Allah there is no need to discriminate especially the Indian poor non muslim.”To you,your religion and to me my religion” and “There is no compulsion to convert to Islam as the true path is clear from otherwise” Surah Al Baqarah(Sapi betina) Chapter 2 Verse 256.

While millions of Malaysian Malay muslims today take a week long deserved break to  celebrate Hari Raya with their relatives and friends,tens of thousands of the Indian poor are forced to go to work out of the necessity as they are forced to live from hand to mouthThis state of affairs has come about not because they are lazy or refuse to work hard but because of the racist and facist UMNO Malay-sian government policies in denying them equality and equal opportunities.

The tip of the iceberg example is this morning Saraswathy(63), an unskilled cleaner from Pantai Dalam,K.L.whose eyes are even failing because of diabetes like every other six day week had to get up at 5.30 am to go to work to earn her mere RM 25.00 per day wages for 8 hours of exploitative labour in prosperous bi racial One Malay-sia, the country with the world’s tallest Twin Towers, while most of us still coil up in our cushy and comfy beds.Under the racist,religious supremacist and facist UMNO regime she is denied even a cleaning contract with the view to be self employed despite 43 years working as a cleaner.Where is her upward mobility opportunities?You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to become a small time cleaning self employed Malaysian. UMNO intends Saras and tens of thousands of other Indian poor to actually work till their dying day and that too to die as a cleaner and on the other menial jobs.Because they have no retirement village to go back to as the Indian villages have all been socially ethnically cleansed by UMNO,no UMNO welfare help,no Baitlulmal,no Lembaga Urus Zakat or Tabung Haji to care for them even in their old age.This cannot be the holy Islamic teachings especially in the holy Ramadan month let alone being the will of Allah swa.

This will never happen to a malay muslim in bi racial One Malay-sia.A civil society what more in a muslim majority country like Malaysia  is not based on it’s sky scrappers but on the quality of life of it’s lowest paid workers like Saras and tens of thousands of other Indian poor whose daily life is so predictable and not very much different from animals,so to speak.
The true Islamic teachings prohibit racism,religious extremism and facism as is practiced by UMNO and targetted against the soft target and vulnerable Indian poor.
May this Hari Raya bring wisdom in Prime Minister Najib Razak and Opposition political leaders Anwar Ibrahim and Hadi Awang and Lim Kit Siang and the top leadership of UMNO,PKR,PAS and DAP who are the policy makers and decision makers in putting an end to the misery suffered by the Indian poor on a day to day basis especially as is reported in And finally shed Malaysia’s image as the world’s most racist, facist and religious supremacist country.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

Hari Raya & Indian power delivered newspapers to our doorsteps.


Even on Deepavali we do not get our morning newspapers because of the Indian newsvendors powers. In 2007 UMNO decided to have their AGM on Deepavali eve. Where there UMNO Prime Minister delivered his most important message. But the next day being Deepavali day the almost all Indian newsvendors did not work and the UMNO Prime Minister’s key message did not filter down. Early Indian people power which later showed in the 25th Nov 2007 Hindraf people power rally.

Karunai Nithi @compassionate justice