Police permit ‘denied’ for Bagan Serai HRP & Hindraf Deepavali Forum. Not too late to register as voter in Buntong or Prai.

The Bagan Serai forum on 29/10/11 started at 8.00 p.m. after it stopped raining and for people to come by. P.Uthayakumar’s 45 minutes slide show presentation focused on the need for the Indian poor to not only register as voters but to strategically and tactically register as a voter in either DUN Buntong/ Parliament Ipoh Barat or in DUN Prai/Parliament Batu Kawan.

This is the only way forward so as to empower at least one M.P. and two state assemblyman in each and every one of the seven frontline substantial Indian populated states of Penang, Perak and also in Kedah, Selangor, Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang etc.

There may be 11 Indian MPs and 13 ADUNS in P.R. and four MPs’ and six ADUNs  in B.N. but alP1010341l of them are not empowered to speak up without fear or favour for the Indian poor, as their political careers are at the mercy of their tuans and towkays. For example not a single of these MPs’ or ADUNs’ or the pseudo multi-racial 74 P.R. MPs’ and 200 over ADUNS have ever asked for the Felda like 10 acre land ownership scheme for the hardcore Indian poor. Instead like the BN/MIC they too merely dish out rice packets, hampers, RM50.00 ang pows and the land here and land there kosong promises.

P1010387Some 40% of the eligible Indian voters are discouraged from registering as voters under the UMNO government racist political agenda.

This is primarily because of the UMNO racist political agenda in gerrymandering and denying the Indians of even one Indian majority DUN or Parliament seat to render them politically powerless at the highest political level.

Thus a large number of Indians are not motivated enough to even register as voters as UMNO has gerrymandered even the substantial Indian areas like Klang, Kota Raja, Kuala Selangor, Padang Serai, Teluk Intan, Bagan Datoh, Ipoh Barat, Batu Kawan, Teluk Kemang, Rasah etc.

Let alone the estimated 300,000 Indian poor adults who have been denied their innate identity cards and citizenship even when being up to the fifth generation Malaysian born.

Project 7/14 – Focus Selangor/Perak is to be the very last resort.

Despite zero hampers and or ang pows given out and the police denying a permit until about 24 hours before the event, some 150 Hindraf and HRP supporters turned up with the good work put up by Sivakumar and his team of some 20 dedicated volunteers from Bagan Serai.

The racist UMNO government frightened of the truth HRP & Hindraf reveals?

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice.

Indians must be wary of Najib’s Nambikei & DAP’s Pseudo multiracialism. (see MKini 31.10.11)




“Nambikei”  is a word now frequently used by Prime Minister Datuk Sri najib Tun Razak. Najib first used nambikei at the 65th MIC General Assembly in August. Literally, nambikei  means believe, trust, confidence and hope. After 54 years under Barisan Nasional – UMNO hegemony, Najib wants Indians to continue to place their nambikei in Najib and Barisan Nasional.

Nambikei as the the rallying call of Najib has become important because in the 2008 General Election, Indians for once had the gumption and the cojonnes to abandon Barisan Nasional. For once, Indians braved and cut their umbilical cord with MIC.

With almost 850,000 Indian voters, 70 % of them living and voting in 50 parliamentary constituencies where Indians form as much as 20% of the voters, nambikei takes a greater importance not only for Najib but importantly for the survival of Barisan Nasional.

From the regular stage managed appearances at Indian events, to the cheerful announcement by Najib that he loves thosai and murrukus, granting 1642 citizenship to Indians (wonder how many Indonesians became citizens during the same period these 1642 Indians were waiting for the citizenship), formation of a task force to look into the problems faced by the Indian community ( after 54 years ) does not hide the fact that Najib and Barisan Nasional is desperate to regain the Indian votes. Indians must not be hoodwinked by the sudden benevolences by Najib and Barisan Nasional.

If Najib and Barisan Nasional has “found” Indians, it is all because of general election 2008 and the rise and effect of Pakatan Rakyat. Najib and Barisan Nasional realize that their survival in the next general election depends on Indian voters and their votes, thus the nambikei cry from Najib.

For more than 50 years,  Indians had placed their nambikei in Barisan Nasional. Indians became Barisan Nasional’s  fixed deposit. Alas, the gains never reflected the deposit. The Indian community gave so much and gained so little, progressed so little but only to be mired in a quagmire.

Indians must never make the mistake of the past but realize that any small measures now by the Barisan Nasional government is the a result of what the community collectively did in 2008. Some Indians may lament that nothing much has changed for the Indians even under Pakatan Rakyat, but Pakatan Rakyat has only been around for 4 years and is a work in progress as compared to 54 years of Barisan Nasional. Still, in the four short years of Pakatan Rakyat, Indians have benefitted much. For a change, with Pakatan Rakyat, it is Barisan Nasional that is desperate in seeking Indians. Thus, this is is not a time to abandon Pakatan Rakyat, for to believe in the nambikei is a return to Barisan Nasional, which may only mean the return to the status quo – Indians being ignored !

Indians, instead must make the nambikei-man to redress and correct the injustices of 54 years by Barisan Nasional against Indians.

UMNO foiled world witnessing 100,000 Hindraf Rally under one big gathering . P.Uthayakumar’s 25 Nov Hindraf Rally book in daily segments No. 253 (31/10/11).


UMNO foiled world witnessing 100,000 Hindraf Rally under one big gathering


Had the police allowed the peaceful assembly the world would otherwise have witnessed the about 100,000 people all in one big peaceful assembly and with one voice outside the British High Commission registering Hindraf’s’ and the Malaysian Indians protest against UMNO’s racism, religions extremism, segregation and excluding the Indian form the mainstream national development plans, policies and programmes of Malaysia and the permanent colonialisation of the Indians in Malaysia by the neo colonialist UMNO. But having broken up the 100,000 over peaceful assembly some five hours later at about 12. 30pm and after we had decided to hand over the petition directly to Buckingham palace and having left the peaceful assembly, UMNO had “as usual” instructed the  Inspector Genera l of Police to accord “safe passage” for two Hindraf representatives to serve the petition on the British High Commissioner. Lawyer N. Surendran called and told me about this “safe passage” offer but I declined because of the aforesaid reasons. On top of world attention we also got the attention of the Commonwealth in particular as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) that had been in session in Kampala on the very same day i. e. the 25th November 2007. One day prior to that i. e. on the 24th day of November 2007 I had faxed a letter to H. R. H Queen Elizabeth II and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Kampala and in London alleging amongst other things “ethnic cleansing” a la Malaysia of the Indians in Malaysia.

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