Last assembly for UMNO @ Putrajaya. HRP’s role in Putrajaya to effect changes for Indian poor – Project 7/14 focus Selangor.

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The last UMNO General Assembly with control of Putrajaya is taking place at PWTC today 30/11/11.

With  the demise of UMNO/BN @ Putrajaya, every effort must be taken to see to it that Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi Awang, PKR, DAP, PAS and Pakatan Rakyat do not continue with the 54 year UMNO racist and supremacist policies targeted and mostly victimizing especially the Indian poor.

This can and will only be achieved when HRP, the conscience of the Indian poor join Pakatan Rakyat on parallel terms in Putrajaya.

To cut a long story short while our ultimate political agenda is to end UMNO/BN rule of Putrajaya we do not  trust PR with a blank cheque to Putrajaya. Why? Because PKR, DAP & PAS/PR are already in the state Putrajayas in Kedah, Penang & Selangor, and have offered zero permanent and real solutions for the Indian poor.

As we can see reported on a day to day basis in especially the Tamil dailies using their Indian MP, DCM II, EXCO, ADUN Councillors is largely merely emulating UMNO in playing plastic @ hamper politics dishing out plastic provison bags, rice packets, hampers and plastic kosong mock cheques.

Never equal rights and equal opportunities in granting permanent Felda like ten acre land ownership, licence , projects, contracts, top and other civil service GLC and private sector jobs business opportunities etc for the Indian poor as granted to the Malays.

Why go far, PR is yet to grant even a single licence to one Indian poor to set up a vadai stall. And 70% of the 5,000 Indian scrap metal dealers nationwide have, like under the UMNO regime, been denied their licences although the P.R government has 100% powers to do so.

Needless to mention PR in their four years rule have refused to grant land to all 170 Tamil schools in Kedah (54) Penang (28) and Selangor (98), all Hindu temples, all Hindu cemeteries and all Indian villages all in one go, despite having 100% powers to do so.

To the direct contrary and only within one month

1.110,000 land titles in 349 land titles in 349 Rancangan Kampung Tersusun for Malay muslims in Perak (UM 1/1/2009)
2. 102,000 land titles in 134 Chinese New Villages in Perak. (NST 10/10/3 at page 23).
3. 2,500 acres to 9 Chinese Independent schools in Perak . (NST 31/8/8 at page 38).
4. 10 acres to each and every Orang asli in Perak (NST 9/3/9 at page 8).
5. 1,000 acres of land and RM100 million for pig farming in Sepang Selangor. (NST 11/4/08 and 26/8/8).

So where is the change? As it  stands UMNO/BN = PR vis a vis the Indian poor. This is the reason we do not trust, we do not want to give them a blank cheque and blind support.

This is why we need HRP as the internal check and balance of P.R in Putrajaya.

(see The Star 30/11/11 at page 2)

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice


HRP wants temple demolishers heads to roll. (see FMT)

The Indian councillors in MBSA also want the menteri besar to act against the enforcement officers.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Rights Party (HRP) has urged the Selangor state government to sack the enforcement officers involved in the demolition of a Hindu temple in Glenmarie, Shah Alam, if they are found to have abused their powers.

According to a witness, some 30 policemen and 10 enforcement officers from the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) smashed the shrine, including the statues of six Hindu deities last Thursday without issuing any prior notice.

However, state exco Dr Xavier Jayakumar defended MBSA, saying that several notices had been sent to the temple management.

He blamed the temple management for not checking the status of the land as the temple was sited on a road reserve area.

Councillors see red as well

Speaking to FMT, HRP central council member S Thiagarajan criticised the exco and the state government for not keeping their promise.

According to Thiagarajan, after Pakatan Rakyat took over the state in 2008, Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim sent a circular to all local councils barring them from demolishing any temple without the exco’s knowledge.

“What happened to the letter? Is that letter invalid or did Jayakumar himself give permission to MBSA to carry out the demolition?” he asked.

He pointed out that this was the fifth temple demolished by the Pakatan state government since coming into power.

He said the state government always blamed the local councils for not informing them about the demolishment.

As for the latest incident, Thiagarajan said if the MBSA officers had abused their powers then they must be sacked.

“We will see what action will be taken against the enforcement officers who brutally smashed the statues into pieces,” he added.

Meanwhile, he said HRP would also send a letter to the attorney-general regarding this matter.

“According to the Penal Code, defiling a place of worship with the intent to insult the religion of any class shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or fine or both,” he added.

Terming it as a “serious case”, Thiagarajan said HRP would urge the AG to take stern action against MBSA.

Contaced later, MBSA councillor V Vembarasan said that all five Indian councillors in the city council would also urge the menteri besar to take action against the enforcement officers.

“We held a meeting this morning and reached an agreement on this,” he added

P.M Najib Razak: Bumi agenda still on. But PKR, DAP, PAS & PSM will never fight this racist policy targeted especially against Indian poor.


PM Najib : Suppression of Non Bumi ( Indians) agenda still on. UMNO’s main agenda as well as part of the govt’s national agenda is to suppress the Indians by not not having Indian Economic Transformation to increase Indian economic participation in the country. This is UMNO’s ‘intellectual’ value !

(see NST 27/11/11 at page 6)

PM Najib Bumi

7A’s top Tamil school students propaganda in Tamil dailies but denied MRSM fully residential schools by racist UMNO.

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These 1911 high achieving Tamil school students that scored 7A’s in the recent UPSR, unfortunately will be denied places into MRSM and fully residential schools; that cater almost exclusively only to Malay Muslim students. They will not grow up to enjoy having similar benefits and luxury that are bestowed to Malay Muslim students that score even less than 7A’s.

These 1911 Tamil school students will be cruelly denied to matriculation and gain entry into local Universities to do acclaimed courses like Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy, Law, Dentistry etc. Instead the racist and apartheid UMNO regime will make sure that these poor Tamil students lose all their confidence and hope by forcing them into an education system that will shackle their growth and advancement.

The end result, Malaysian Indians will continue to remain having the lowest demographic index among all races in Malaysia

(see Makkal Osai 28/11/11 at page 8)

 7A 1 7A 2

15,000 up to 6th generation Indians still without ID and stateless after 54 years Independence: Survey by no less cabinet Committee for Indian Affairs.


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But Mismah of Indonesia got her Blue Identity Card with citizenship within four hours.

Our estimate is 450,000 Indian poor have been denied Birth Certificates, Identity Cards and citizenship.

Human Resource Minister and MIC Deputy President Datuk S. Subramaniam confirms that the Cabinet Committee for Indian affairs only conducted a miserable survey to look for the estimated 450k Indians in this country that do no have any official documents. Such inferior and sub-standard of detection was intentionally used and hence only managed to detect a mere 15k ie 0.03% of the true estimate of stateless Indians in this country

(see The Star 28/11/11 at page 25)