Bersih 3.0: 512 + 1,667 = 2179 rightly not prosecuted. A.G. should similarly withdraw charges against Hindraf 54 anti Interlok activists.






Your Reference:

In Reply :

Date : 30/4/2012




YAB. Dato Seri Najib Razak

Prime Minister of Malaysia,

Block Utama Bangunan Perdana Putra, Faks : 03-8888 3444

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,

62502 Putrajaya.


Y.B Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz

Minister in the Prime Minister Department (Law),

Pejabat Y.B Menteri,

Tingkat 15,

Menara Parlimen, Fax : 03-20781719

50680 Kuala Lumpur. E-Mail :

Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail,
Attorney General of Malaysia.
Aras 1-8, Block C3, Parcel C                              Fax: 03-88889369
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan             Email:
62512 Putrajaya

Dear Sirs,

Re: 1) Bersih 3.0 512 + 1,667 = 2179 rightly not prosecuted. Similarly withdraw charges against Hindraf 54 anti Interlok activists.

We refer to the above matter and to our letter to your goodselves dated 20/9/2011 and 26/4/2012 for which we are yet to receive a reply.

Your goodselves have outlawed Bersih in 2011 as you did to Hindraf on 15/10/07 in the prelude to the watershed 25th November 2007 Hindraf peaceful Rally.

Your goodselves have earlier also rightly dropped criminal charges against all the 14 Bersih activist Councillors, 30 PSM Bersih activists (The Star 20/9/2011 at page 4) and the 1,667 Bersih 2.0 Rally activists who were arrested on 9/7/2011 and rightly never prosecuted. ( on 9/7/2011)

The Sun today 30/4/2012 at page 4 reported that 512 Bersih 3.0 activists were released on police bail and (were rightly not prosecuted) with this a total of 2,179.

But the 54 Hindraf anti Interlok activists were swiftly prosecuted within days of their arrest. Bersih activists have rightly not been prosecuted.

These 54 Hindraf Interlok activists were at all material times merely involved in peaceful anti Interlok Rallies nationwide and P.Uthayakumar for Sedition and were acting in the general public interest in particular championing the plight against the state and private sector sponsored racial segregation of the Indian poor who regretfully suffer the worst forms of violations of human rights but get the least attention also from Opposition parties, NGOs’ and the Malaysian civil society.

The aforesaid Hindraf human rights activists have been prosecuted at 6 different Magistrates and Sessions Courts nationwide as follows:-1) Mahkamah Majistret Ipoh- Kes Tangkap No.83-338-2011, 2)Mahkamah Majistret Selayang- Kes Tangkap No.83-296-11 & 83-295-11, 3) Mahkamah Majistret Jalan Duta Kuala Lumpur- Kes Tangkap No.1-83-2054-11, 4) Mahkamah Majistret Jalan Duta Kuala Lumpur- Kes Tangkap No.6-83-2084-2011, 5) Mahkamah Majistret Seremban- Kes Tangkap No.83-347-2011 and 6) Mahkamah Sesyen Kuala Lumpur- Kes Tangkap No.3-62-548-2007.

Bersih has been declared to be no more a security threat and therefore allowed to hold their Bersih 3.0 Rally at a stadium on 28/4/12 said Home Minister Dato Seri Hishamuddin Hussein. (Malaysiakini 25/4/12). Pray tell us of how Hindraf is still a security threat since it was outlawed in 2007.

On a similar note and in the true spirit of “greater democratisation and allowing greater freedom to assemble by reviewing Section 27 of the Police Act 1967 (The Star headlines 16/9/2011) as announced by Prime Minister Najib Razak on the eve of Malaysia day, the new Peaceful Assembly Act and read with Article 8 (equality before the law) and Article 10 of the Federal Constitution which guarantees every citizen the right to freedom of speech and assembly” we hereby once again ask that the criminal prosecution against all these non self serving but to the contrary public interest and public spirited Hindraf human rights activists be forthwith withdrawn and Hindraf accordingly be granted legal status as an NGO.

Kindly revert to us accordingly.

Thank You. Yours Faithfully,



De facto leader, Hindraf.

Road traffic accident accused maliciously prosecuted for attempted murder of policeman. Abuse of powers by A.G. Gani Patail.

New Scan-20120430122908-00001

KUMAR HASHIMAH & CO                                                                   No 6(A), Jalan Abdullah,

PEGUAMBELA & PEGUAMCARA                                                         Jalan Bangsar,

ADVOCATES & SOLICITORS                                                              59000 Kuala Lumpur.

                                                                                                         Tel : 03-2282 5622

                                                                                                         Fax : 03-2282 5245



                                                                                                        Office Hours :

                                                                                                        Mon. – Fri.

                                                                                                        9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

                                                                                                        Sat. & Sunday – Closed

Your Reference :

In Reply Please Quote : Misc/Letchmy/April/2012/anu

Date : 30/4/2012

Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail,
Attorney General of Malaysia.
Aras 1-8, Block C3, Parcel C                              Fax: 03-88889369
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan                    Email:
62512 Putrajaya

Re: 1) Road traffic accident accused (recovered mental patient) wrongly arrested, detained and prosecuted for attempted murder of policeman.

2) High handed police arrest and malicious prosecution

3) No money for lawyer and bail, he will be forced to plead guilty when he is not  guilty

4) Withdraw attempted murder of policeman charge


We act for the family of Mr. Raman a/l Arumugam (the accused) NRIC No 740529-10-5915 of No.8, Jalan Hang Leker, Rumah Murah Padang Golf, 44000 Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.

DSC_1232 Our clients inform us that on 22/3/2012 at about 10.30p.m about seven (7) civil clothes policemen appeared at the aforesaid address and started shouting at our client’s family. Our clients fearing that they could be robbers were slow in opening their front door. Before they knew it, the policemen suddenly started breaking down the front and back grill and doors also using a changkul etc.

Our clients were terrified. The seven (7) policemen include Manimaran, Maniam Selvam, Guna, another Indian and two other Malay policemen then stormed into our client’s house, took out their guns and said that if Raman was to run away he would be shot dead. They were also shouting away rudely. Raman’s 62 year old mother Madam Letchumy fearing that the police may shoot her son stood in front of him to prevent him being shot dead.

The policemen then slapped Raman a/l Arumugam in the presence of his mother Madam Letchmy, his sister Thanaletchumy and other family members. They then arrested Raman a/l Arumugam, handcuffed and detained him for attempted murder of a policeman when if at all Raman a/l Arumugam is suspected to have been involved in a road traffic accident by gazing a motorcycle. Just because it involved a civil clothes policeman, Raman is nowDSC_1261 victimized to this extent. Immediately after the accident the policeman took out a gun and charged at Raman a/l Arumugam. Fearing for his life Raman a/l Arumugam had sped off.

The family has been in the dark. We have today been informed by En. Amir of the Selayang Sessions Court that after a 14 days Remand, on 4/4/12 our client was prosecuted for attempted murder of a policeman further to Section 307 of the Penal Code. And on the same day he was sent to the Tanjung Rambutan Mental Hospital. On 22/4/12 he was brought back to the Selayang Sessions Court and then ordered to be jailed at the Sg Buloh Prison. And that this case is now fixed for Mention on 4/5/2012.

In the interim our client Madam Letchumy a/l Gopal had vide two police reports No Kuala Kubu Baru 000586/12 and 000587/12 lodged official police reports on the aforesaid matter.

DSC_1259Because of the shock, Raman’s mother had fallen ill for two weeks and had also suffered chest pains.

Kindly take the necessary action and notify us accordingly.

Kindly also serve on us all the documents in respect of this matter.

This culture of prosecuting a citizen who had collided into a policeman in a road traffic accident can by no stretch of imagination be attempted murder. Lest it be unheard of in any other country.

O ur client has already been punished by being reduced to a mental patient by reason of the 1 Malay-sia state sponsored racist policies. Having degenerated into a poor man, our client does not have the money to pay a lawyer or for his bail.

With no other alternative Raman will now be forced to plead guilty and serve time for ATTEMPTED MURDER!

The whole weight and might of the entire government machinery in particular the Judiciary, Attorney General’s ChambersDSC_1284 and police against this one suspected Road Traffic offender being bullied.

Isn’t this a case of hitting a fly with a sledge hammer?

Up to date Raman has already served about 1 ½ months jail. And the much touted government legal aid never saw the light of the day for Raman and thousands of innocent victims like Raman. This surely cannot the law, due administration of law and order, what more Justice of this country.

We hereby ask that your goodselves forthwith withdraw the criminal prosecution against our client. At worst our client should have been prosecuted for negligent driving.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,


P. Uthayakumar



1. YAB. Dato Seri Najib Razak

Prime Minister of Malaysia,

Block Utama Bangunan Perdana Putra,                   Fax : 03-8888 3444

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,               E -Mail :

62502 Putrajaya.


2. Y.B Dato Seri Hishamuddin Hussein

Home Minister,

Aras 12 Block D 1,

Complex Kerajaan Fasa D,                                          Fax : 03-8889 1720

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,               E-Mail :

62546 Putrajaya.

3. Tan Sri Ismail Omar


Inspector General of Police,                                  Fax: 03 – 2070 7500

Ibu Pejabat Polis Diraja Malaysia, .                         Email:

Bukit Aman,    

50560 Kuala Lumpur


4. DCP Datuk Tun Hisan bin Datuk Haji Tun Hamzah.

Chief Police Officer of Selangor,

Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Selangor,

40912 Shah Alam,                                                     Fax : 03-55195175



5. SAC Datuk Hashim Bin Abdul Jalil

Timbalan Ketua Urus Setia KPN (Tata Tertib)

Ibu Pejabat Polis Diraja Malaysia  Bukit Aman                                            Fax: 03 – 22739601
50560 Kuala Lumpur.     


6. ACP Abdul Rahim Bin Abdullah

OCPD Selayang

IPD Gombak, Bukit Idaman                                                              Fax : 03-61369408

Selayang, 68100                                                                               E-Mail :

Batu Caves

Mom to Najib: Please help my son (See FMT)

A Raman’s motorcycle crashed into a policeman, and the 37-year-old odd job worker, who suffers from a mental disorder, has been charged with attempted murder.

KUALA LUMPUR: The mother of a man charged with the attempted murder of a policeman has pleaded for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s intervention.

G Letchmy wanted the prime minister to withdraw the charge against A Raman, 37, saying that he should be charged with reckless driving instead.

At a press conference here today, she said on March 22, Raman, who is still undergoing treatment for a mental disorder, was involved in a road accident, where his motorcyle crashed into a policeman.

“However, my son fled the scene when a policeman whipped out a gun,” she added.

Letchmy said that Raman, an odd-job worker, was arrested at his house in Kuala Kubu Baru later that night. “Seven policemen arrested my son at gun point,” she added.

“We are shocked that he was charged with attempted murder and denied bail when it was only a road accident,” she said.

Also present at the press conference were Hindraf leaders P Uthayakumar and S Jayathas.

Uthayakumar, who is representing the family, criticised Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail and the police for abusing their power.

“It is too much to charge a mentally challenged person under Section 307 of the Penal Code where the victim can be jailed for 20 years if found guilty,” he said.

He added that Raman, who is currently being held at the Sungai Buloh prison, had previously undergone psychiatric treatment at the Tanjung Rambutan hospital.

“We want Najib to intervene,” he said, calling on the A-G’s Chambers to drop the charge against his client