Commander S.Thayaparan, the pseduo ‘multi racialist” who will never be Navy Chief. But calls Hindraf racist. (See Malaysiakini).

Thayaparan is the classical pseudo “multi-racial”Indian elite who would speak up on any issue except on the Indian poor because they are plagued by inferiority and minority complex.To be politically correct, play to the bi racial malay and Chinese gallery! His nearest ‘rivals’ are the MIC and P.R mandores who specialise in giving the impression that they are actually delivering 99%to the Indian poor when they deliver a mere 1%.We are yet to read the first of Thayaparan’s/pseudo multi racialist Indian elite writing or championing any of the critical Indian problems caused by the UMNO/BN and now P.R.state sponsored racism.Thaya would never bother reading because he would know the magnitude of d state sponsored racism and will not lift a finger.After Lt Col K.Thanabalasingam neither Thayaparan nor any of his descendents however meritious they are can even dream of becoming the Navy Chief of 1 Malay-sia.When we point out this racism Hindraf becomes racist! During your time Thayaparan at least you got to be Commander in the Navy. But today in the racist federal UMNO & P.R rule in Kedah, Penang & Selangor they wouldn’t even take your 6th generation Malaysian born grandson in even as an office boy in the Navy or elsewhere. This is in an era when the Governor General (Agong) of New Zealand is the first generation Sir Anand satchianand and a black ‘muslim’ Barack Husin Obama can be the President of USA. To Thayaparan and the Indian elite pointing out this level of racism in 1 Malay-sia in itself becomes racism! may be you may want to touch on this in your next piece after reading

What Thayaparan wrote in on 15/4/2012

Meanwhile, Hindraf the most vocal political entity which rightly or wrongly is perceived to voice the concerns of the Indian community is imploding nicely in the sidelines.

hindraf uthayakumar klang invite 040412Forget about the rather pedestrian internal power struggle which seems to be brewing in the ranks of this nebulous ‘civil rights’ movement what Hindraf exemplifies is how a race-based entity can turn members of its community against each other.

If you are not a slavish devotee of P Uthayakumar or Hindraf, you are a ‘mandore’ like everyone else. There is no room for dissent or discussions. The agenda and cause is clear and the problems of the Indian community are the result of everyone else except members of the Indian community.

It is both a victim and defiant survivor culture which seems to bring out the worst in its proponents who have no qualms about labeling everyone else “racists” while engaging in racisms of their own.

Separate but equal?

The supposed split within the ranks perhaps hints that the ‘go at it alone’ policy which seemed to be the modus operandi of Uthayakumar – the face and voice of Hindraf (no matter what the official Hindraf stand is) – is slowly being rejected in favour of a more inclusive not to mention realistic political give and take strategic position.

If the DAP is partly responsible for the reframing the racial discourse, then Hindraf too is responsible for the exclusion of the Indian perspective from the discourse due to its polarising rhetoric.

Comments from reader

Anonymous #15736611: Commander, despite your ‘slavish’ criticism of Hindraf, it’s funny that you don’t have anything to say about the Chinese education group, Dong Zong.

This group, at a recent rally, demanded that only Chinese-language qualified teachers can teach at Chinese schools, others are not wanted.

Doesn’t this make Chinese schools the territories of China? Isn’t this the most racist demand to date in comparison to other demands, such as only Muslims can rule the country?