Media Statement Budget 2013 (28/9/2012): RM 251.6 Billion Budget 2013: Zero allocation to undo 55 years racial segregation victimizing especially the Indian poor and to include them into national mainstream development of 1 Malay-sia.





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Date : 28/9/2012

Media Statement Budget 2013 (28/9/2012)

Save and except for the RM100 Million for Tamil schools(In 2008 0% of the RM100 million flowed down) RM 50 Million in Tekun business loans,RM50 Million for Indian youths to undergo skills training(from which only an estimated 5% flows down anyway) and in direct contrast to the RM One Billion for the SME Bank Bumiputera loans,this years budget yet again has no serious allocations to undo the 55 years of racial segregation victimising especially the Indian poor and to include them into the national mainstream development of 1 Malay-sia.The RM 20 Million foe Legal Aid only reflects the government’s low priority for justice for the common man against the powerful state authorities.No incentives has been provided to reduce dependence on foreign labour.

55 years ago Indian plantation workers were poor, landless and daily paid bonded labourers. Today 55 years down the line with the country’s wealth and prosperity that has long been reflected by the world’s tallest KLCC Twin Towers, many Indian poor plantation workers still earn as low RM 13.00 as daily paid wages. Hundreds of thousands of others as unskilled factory and other general workers are still enslaved as low daily paid Contract workers with no employee status nor benefits like EPF, Socso, Health, bonus, annual leave etc which is a step backward for Labour Rights. This is modern day ‘slavery’. All flying directly in the face of the UMNO government’s Economic Transformation Programmes.

To the direct contrary some 1,121,346 of their then poor Malay cousins 55 years ago have today become 10 acre landed property owners of plantation land and living in their very own luxurious bungalow houses and some owning even up to two or three cars under the Felda, Felcra, Risda, Fama, Mardi, Kejora etc government land ownership schemes.

The plight of the Indian poor is being made worse by the government’s continued flooding in of foreign workers under the foreign workers policy which effectively makes the Indian poor poorer and more vulnerable than even the foreign workers. No provision has been made in the 2013 budget with the view to making the Indian poor becoming self employed, entrepreneurs, small contractors, agro farmers, skilled self employed technicians, petty traders etc.

RM 1.2 Billion for welfare programmes by the welfare ministry, RM 2.6 Billion welfare aid for school children hardly 123,000 units of affordable housing, 70 more to 240 1 Malaysia clincis. RM 3.7 Billion for Vocational training, RM 1.2 Billion for pre schools including Permata & RM 1 Billion SME development schemes the implementation of which is designed not to reaches the Indian poor

We hereby call upon the Malay-sian government to dismantle all forms of institutionalised racism both in the government as well as in the private sectors which victimises especially the vulnerable Indian poor. On a needs basis as opposed to race based, the Indian poor must be granted equal opportunities to the aforesaid Felda etc land schemes, jobs and promotions, both in the public and private sectors, skills training, higher education, licences, permits, business loans, business opportunities, projects, tenders etc as is available to most Malay and Chinese Malaysians.

We yet again view with scepticism the RM hundreds of Millions in the Special Allocations for Indians in the 2013 National Budget as like in the previous years only some token estimated 5% may actually flow down and that too perhaps to the UMNO political Indian mandores cronies and their families. The Indians do not need these Special Allocations. We need to be part and parcel of this year’s RM251.6 Billion Budget.

The net and real effect of this is that despite 55 years on, most Tamil schools still remain in near cow shed conditions, tens of thousands of Indian poor completely denied if not granted a mere RM 90.00 per

month welfare help when the minimum wage has been set at a 1,000% higher at RM 900.00 per month . Also most Indian poor workers are denied their legitimate Socso, Socso Pensions, Dialysis, Medical, Welfare and other benefits on the unacknowledged grounds that they are the Indian poor.The 2013 Budget does not address this.

No allocation in Budget 2013 (as had been done to legitimize the 577,427 foreign illegals legalised within 6 months) (BH 7/7/12 at page 18) to resolve the estimated 450,000 Indian poor stateless, save and except for the showpieces and that too mostly those who have passed their prime and are already in their 60s’, 70s’ and 80s’.

Also no specific allocation has been made for the setting up of at least one kindergarden in all of the 523 Tamil schools and for all the 523 Tamil schools to be made fully government aided schools. The Government’s affordable housing scheme does not flow down to the Indian poor.

The excuse of the Government policy is good but that it’s implementation is bad is a political rhetoric and no longer tenable.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,


P. Uthayakumar

De facto leader