Recognition of CSMU medical degrees withdrawn, racially motivated & victimising especially Malaysian Indian doctors

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Re : Recognition of CSMU medical degrees withdrawn, racially motivated & victimising especially Malaysian Indian doctors

We refer to the above matter and to the news report today in The Sun 29/3/13 at page 8 titled “Recognition of CSMU programme withdrawn.”

Why is this so when the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) has recognized 820 Higher Learning Institutions in China (The Sun 29/6/12 at page 6) The Malaysian Insider reported on 27/6/12 that Prime Minister Najib Razak “gives TAR College (even) retrospective recognition on 70 diploma and Higher Diplomas. Why is this so when Malaysia is still short of 700 Specialist doctors (The Star 12/7/11 at page 12)

Why 5,000 (100% Malays) Medical graduates from Egypt do not need STPM, A Levels or Foundation In Science qualifications and get to practive medicine in Malaysia (The Star 4/2/11 at page 8 and Berita Harian 22/3/13 at page 20)

With this decision by Health Ministry, thousands of overseas Malaysian Indian medical graduates careers have been dashed. Thousands of Indian families’ legitimate dream of creating at least one doctor in their family has been shattered.

It has also been bought to our attention up to 95% of these medical doctors from CSMU and from other such derecognized Universities in Russia, Romania, India, Indonesia etc ie running up to a couple of thousand mostly Malaysian Indian overseas trained doctors have been race based failed in their Medical Qualifying Test to be able to register with the Malaysian Medical Council to practice Medicine in Malaysia.They end up working ‘illegally’ as locums, end up migrating overseas or simply resigning to these racist policies and becoming housewives.

We regret to note that despite our paper at the the Leader of the Opposition’s Round table Meeting at Parliament House dated 26/6/2005 and copies forwaded to the then Prime Minister, Deputy Health Minister and Malaysian Medical Council Chairman, the recognition of the medical degree at Crime State Medical University (CSMU) was today withdrawn without just cause. We wish to record our protest that the same appears to be racially motivated and victimising in particular the overseas trained Malaysia Indian medical doctors with the view to reduce their numbers from about 70% in 1957 to about 20% today and to 5% by 2020. Is this the 1 Malaysia of Prime Minister Najib Razak !

We have been given to understand that to the direct contrary there is a 98% passing rate at the (95% Malay muslim students) 20 local Universities and 100% Malay muslims at the UITM medical faculty.


(1) We call upon the Malaysian Government to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry investigate the MMC and the top brass implementers in respect of these racially discriminatory government policies victimising in particular the said Malaysian Indian doctors which contravens Articles 8, 12(1), 153(1) and 153(8A) of the Federal Constitution, the Education Act 1995, and also the Universities and Universities Colleges Act 1971.

(2) In order to produce quality doctors we call on the Malaysian Government to implement a Common Entrance Medical Qualifying Test for all Malaysians all graduates from the 20 local Universities and Egypt who intend to enter the Medical Profession in Malaysia which is to be independently regulated by the British General Medical Council and/or the World Health Organisation in collaboration with the MMC.

(3) We call on the Malaysian Government to invite the British General Medical Council and/or the World Health Organisation to independently and in collaboration with the MMC to Inquire into and decide on the recognition / non – recognition of the CSMU and other such Universities.

(4) We call for rectification of the United Nations Convention on the elimination of all farms of Racial Discrimination.

Kindly revert to us accordingly.

“Rights not Mercy”

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


P. Uthayakumar

De facto Leader, Hindraf


In 2001 the Malaysian authorities started issuing the world unprecedented No Objections Certificated (NOC) to overseal Malaysian Medical under graduates.

In 2003 only one Medical seat was offerd to an Indian from 16 places previously ie a 1,600% drop.

In 2005 when CSMU was first derecognized it was ranked as the second best University in Ukraine from the sixth best in 2001 when Malaysia first recognized CSMU. (See The Star 22/6/05 at page 29) 2003 the authorities when CSMU 2005.

In 2005, a majority (about 80%) of the 1,366 undergraduates in CSMU were Malaysian Indian students.

In 2005, the Malaysian Medical Council falsely made out a case that the lecturer to student ratio was raised to 1 lecturer to 20 students and derecognized CSMU degrees when the ceiling should be 1:6. But in the University of Malaya Medical Faculty the ratio was then 1:20 and that too on alternate days

In early 2004, the Malacca Manipal Medical College which had mostly Indian students was derecognized by the MMC. Later in the year 2004 AIMST’s Medical Faculty which also had mostly Indian students was also derecognized by the MMC. After some “political maneuvering” and reducing the student intake and offering “some places” from the ethnic Malay majority students the Medical Schools in AIMST and Malacca Manipal was again recognised Even as late as last year it was brought to our attention that the Foundation in Science course at AIMST University was yet to have it’s recognition renewed.

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