Three Indians shot dead in one day, two others shot & wounded. Seven Indians shot dead in last 7 days. Police link ? Implement IPCMC. Drop in crime rate ? Malaysia a cowboy country ? : Hindraf letter to P.M, IGP & Home Ministry.

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(18 point demands)


YAB. Dato Seri Najib Razak 14/5/13

Prime Minister of Malaysia,

Block Utama Bangunan Perdana Putra,

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, Fax : 03-8888 3444

62502 Putrajaya. E-Mail:

Y. Bhg Tan Sri Haji Ismail Bin Haji Omar

Inspector General of Police

Ibu Pejabat Polis Diraja Malaysia,                       

Bukit Aman,                                Fax :03-22799536                     

50560 Kuala Lumpur. E-Mail:

Dato Seri Abdul Rahim Bin Mohamad Radzi

Secretary General, Home Ministry,

Aras 12 Block D 1 Kompleks D Fax : 03-88891758

62546 Putrajaya Email:

Re : Three Indians shot dead in one day, two others shot & wounded. Seven Indians shot dead in last 7 days. Police link ? Implement IPCMC. Drop in crime rate ? Malaysia a cowboy country ?

We refer to the above matter and to our last letter to the Home Minister and Inspector General of Police dated 27/2/13 further to police reports No. 1134/12 dated 26/1/12 and 9771/12 dated 11/5/12 to which we are yet to receive a reply.

We are alarmed at the new emerging criminal trend of Indians being shot dead by unknown criminals. From our monitoring we have recorded seven (7) Indians being shot dead in the last seven days alone(Utusan Malaysia 14/5/13 at page 9).

We have been receiving telephone calls from the general public of no serious police investigations and prosecutions for the murder of these victims and whether they are police linked and the escalating crime rate.

In yesterday’s news report alone (NST 13/5/13 at page 26) three Indians were shot dead in two separate incidents at Batu Kawan and Kulim. In the third incident two more Indians were shot in Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.And today’s The Star 14/5/13 at page 12 reports of another 43 year old man shot in Johor Baru.

At this rate our concern is Malaysia is fast becoming a cowboy country !

We also express concern at the shooting dead of Customs Department Deputy Director General II Datuk Shaharuddin Hashim last month. We commend the police for “police wrap up case soon with arrest of man with shady dealings in freight farwarding” (NST 14/5/13 at page 3)

Our monitoring and research points to the fact that the new emerging criminal class among the Indian community has arised out of institutionalized racism also in the private sector, victimising in particular the Indian poor by being denied equal rights and equal opportunities in business, proper jobs, skills training, higher education, AIM, Tekun, SME loans, licences, permits etc.

The tip of the iceberg and the classic example is the 4,000 scrap metal dealers denied licences without just cause and as per the reported instances of institutionalized racist policies victimising especially the Indians as is monitored and documented an a day to day basis in our website

Our concern also of an estimated50% of the Indian youths having criminal records after having been denied legal aid, cannot afford a lawyer and bail and forced to plead guilty when they may not be guilty.

We hereby once again call for the urgent implementation of the long overdue IPCMC which was proposed by the Royal Commission an the Police Force way back in 2004.

We hereby request for an urgent appointment with your goodselves to discuss this matter and the overall increase in the crime rate nationwide fast emerging new Indian criminal class and the general public concerns for their safety and that of their property.

Kindly revert to us accordingly.

Thank you.

Your faitfully,



De facto leader, Hindraf

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