Classic Indian poor misery Pakatan Manifesto ignores-P.Uthayakumar Hindraf de facto leader

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(18 point demands)


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Classic Indian poor misery Pakatan Manifesto ignores.

Pushpagantha (61) walks in to Hindraf H.Q at Bangsar yesterday. (27/2/13). She is suffering from breast cancer, diabetes and related failing eye sight, blood pressure, and partially deaf. Her husband is a mental patient, son partially blind & epileptic but given only RM90.00 Welfare aid per month and on some months not at all. Because of their family living conditions, her daughter became a teenage pregenant mother and was later abandoned by husband. Another son is in jail for allegedly committing a crime and she is now forced to take care of his there children. Her notebook has an Ah Long’s telephone number and when asked she said she had borrowed money from the Ah long to start a joss stick door to door sales. The UMNO Tekun & AIM government loans does not reach Indian poor like Pushpagantha. Neither are they in Pakatan’s manifesto. Her RM350.00 per month two months rentals is not paid. Despite a third generation Malaysian born it was a non starter when she was denied even her citizenship and this led her to this her lifelong misery.

Even at 61 years of age Pushpa asked us for help for a piece of land where she could build a home, plant rubber, vegetables, rear chicken, goats, cows etc. She did not ask anything for free and is prepared to work hard. We know from previous cases that both the UMNO & Pakatan state governments would not help her out. Had she been Malay a muslim she would have easily been allocated the 10 acre piece of land as per the 1,021,346 Malays who benefitted from Felda, Felcra & Risda land schemes alone. Some Lembaga Urus Zakat, Baitulmal or Yayasan would have bailed her out of her misery.

Unlike the poor Malays, Orang Asli, Kadazan and Iban, poor Pushpa does not have the tens of thousands of village or ancestral land social safety net to fall back on.Even the odd poor Chinese have their 607 Chinese New Villages nationwide to fall back on as their social safety net. It is so plain and obuious that an Indian poor is not the same as a Malay, Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban or Chinese poor.But which the Pakatan Manifesto consciously chooses to ignore.

Anwar Ibrahim agrees to amend the Pakatan Manisfesto to accomadate increased Oil and Gas Royalty for Kelantan (Malays) (See Sinar Harian 28/02/13 at page 55). But Anwar Ibrahim would not amend the same to accomadate the Hindraf 18 point demands.

Pakatan needs based ? Transcends racial politic and policies ?

This story is just the latest of the tip of the iceberg of the Indian poor. Pray tell us of one Malay, Orang Asli,Kadazan, Iban or poor Chinese in this state.

There are zero provisions in the Pakatan Manifesto to undo these 56 years of ongoing UMNO racism cum injustices victimising the most vulverable community in Malaysia ie the Indian poor. And Pakatan’s UBAH and manifesto does not include undoing these injustices.


de facto leader, Hindraf

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