P.Üthayakumar hospitalized.UMNO Malay supremacist judge issues Summons to Specialist Dr.Jaya to appear in court(Sedition trial)

chief judge

Hindraf de facto leader P.Uthayakumar was hospitalized for prolapsed disk.Despite his bailor S.Thinagaran yesterday appearing at the KL Sessions court with the medical certificate and letter of admission to Mahkota hospital,the cruel,racist and biased UMNO KL Sessions Court Judge Ahmad Zamzani bin mohd zain issued a Summons compelling Senior Orthopedic surgeon Dr.K Jayaratnam to show cause in court as to why he had admitted and issued a medical certificate for üthayakumar.Within hours a uniformed Indian policeman mandore was despatched all the way from KL to Malacca to serve the Summons.This good doctor was forced to cancel all his surgeries and appointments and had to rush to KL first thing this morning to ‘menghadap’ before this UMNO Malay supremacist and racist and anti Hindraf Judge.This is how much UMNO wants Uthaya’s blood and pound of fleash and to convict and jail him before the imminent general elections so as to disqualify him from contesting.This is the very same judge who forfeited RM 7,000.00 of Uthaya’s bail and increased it to RM 15,000.00 from RM10,000.00 ,dismissed his earlier bailor for Uthaya being late because he was waiting 1 hour and 10 minutes outside the KL High court to get an urgent interim stay of proceedings.And hell at each Sedition trial date.Will Uthayakumar get justice is anybody’s guess.