One year Najib Razak as Malay-sian Prime Minister, 44 areas, Indians still excluded from National Mainstream Development of Malaysia. From P.Uthayakumar’s ISA diaries.

One Malaysia


 While Malay-sian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s single biggest propaganda machine is One Malay-sia UMNO’s racist religious extremist and supremacist national policies continues to exclude especially the poor Indians on a day to day basis. Even Najib’s first fourteen days as Prime Minister is reflective of his one year rule where the UMNO  policy of excluding the Indians from at least 44 areas of the National Mainstream Development of Malaysia  is crystal clear as follows:-


On the very same day of Najib taking office on 3/3/09 two Hindraf lawyers were released from ISA detention as an UMNO strategy to appease the very angry almost two million Malaysian Indians..From within Kamunting walls “I was happy for them as they were never ever involved in the day to day affairs of Hindraf but were made to suffer in jail. But UMNO also detained them as part of their subsequent operational warfare- P.Uthayakumar”.


1).The Prime Minister’s wife Rosmah announced the formation of the Permata Elite School in university Kebangsaan Malaysia. An initial RM 2million government grant and taking in 200 almost all Malay muslim elite students(UM 3/03/09  at page 5).


2).1,513 almost all trainee pilots were produced from the seven flying academies in Malaysia(NST 3/03/08 at page13)


3).Poverty rate was reduced from 50% in 19957 to 1.8% in 2008.Absolute poverty was reduced to 1.8% among the malay muslims through the New Economic Policy(NST 3/03/09 at page 17) (Note: But after 53 years, an estimated 90% of the Indians remain poor or in the lower income group.


4).Sektariat Pembelaan dan Pemerkasaan Wanita Islam(Senada)formed(UM3/03/09 page 8)


5).Rubeer tapper’s son ACP Zakaria Pagan becomes Officer In Charge of Police District (OCPD) of Sentul(UM3/03/09) ) (Note: While Lt Col Tan Sri K.Thanabalasingam was the first local Navy Chief of Independent Malaysia, today even at the lowest district level there is not a single OCPD in Malay-sia that is an Indian however qualified or merits he may have).



6).9,349 Rubber smallholders (malay muslim)  given pesticides and festilizer to increase production (UM 4/03/09 at page 6)


7).RM1 Billion government allocation for T.V digital broadcast but zero Billions to take Indians out of poverty(NST 5/03/09 pg 4)


8).1,000 foreign medical officers (medical doctors) from overseas (muslim) countries taken in to work in Malay-sia but Malaysian Indian medical students degrees from India, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Indonesia etc are maliciously derecognized to bring down the total number of Indian medical doctors.(UM 5/03/09 Page 6)


9).RM100 Million to set up elite Science Islamic School in Setiawangsa K.L (UM 5/03/09 page 9)


10).23,977 academic staff in 20 public universities in Malaysia but only 1% are Indians staff(UM 6/03/09 page 8)


11).107 licences given out to foreign Hypermarkets Tesco, Carrefour etc but on condition with malay muslim equity of 30%,30% goods manufactured by bumis to be sold here and 30% bumis shelf space. But zero Indian participation(NST 6/03/09)


12).Cage fish farm along Sg Pahang(zero opportunities to Indians)(UM(M)6/03/09 page 10)


13). AIMST(MIC’s)Universitiy denied Certificate of fitness because  it had not built a mosque(Note:MCA,Gerakan & MIC all have private Universities,but not UMNO.Because all the 20 public Universities plus the 200,000 places  exclusively for malay muslims in UITM all belong to UMNO(see NST 7/03/09 page 15)


14).14,547 Malay villages to prepare village development plans. But zero such plans for Indian settlements(UM 7/03/09 page 13)


15).100,000  Indian youths involved in crime says minister with 40,000 indian youths in (Simpang Renggam)detention camps etc. (Note:give this Indian youths business oppurtunities to own Petronas,Mobil,Shell,Esso,KFC,McDonald,Ayamas ,A&W,Coffee Bean,Starbucks,government stalls and lucrative highway rest area stalls,Scrap Metal and car wash licences,taxi,heavy lorry,bus and limousine permits, Proton Outlets, Proton service centres etc and 90% of these Indian crime can be reduced(See Malaysiakini 5/03/09)


16).MARA to buy seats(for malay muslims)at top ten world Universities –Harvard ,Oxford,Cambridge &Tokyo  University with each seat to cost USD10Million(RM37.1 million) to facilitate to entry of malay students to gain entry without stringent requirements like in Singapore(UM8/03/09)


17).Up to 2008 127,159 Malay muslim students had received education through the MRSM system (UM 8/03/09 at page 13)


18).Since set up in 1986, 184,193(malay muslim)student were produced by Giat Mara Skills Training Institute(UM 8/03/09 page 13)


19).280, 941(Malay muslim)students have got educational “bantuan penganjuran pelajaran” help(UM8/03/09 page 13) .


20).70,000 Bangladeshs workers arriving soon.500,000 foereigners (from almost all muslim countries)  employed in various sectors(Note:These foreigners take away Indian unskilled and plantation workers jobs besides bringing down their salary rates)(NST 9/03/09 at page 6)


21).75% beef,90% mutton and 95% milk are all imported (Note:but UMNO will never give the poor Indians land,high yielding goats and cows,loan, the technology and expertise to come out of their poverty stricken lives  and also so that foreign exchange does not flow out(UM9/03/09 at page 5)


22).Skim Usahawan Siswazah (Only for Malay and muslims)grants loans without security,guarantors and collateral provided they attend 6 to 9 months course by the Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Ministry(NST 9/03/09 at page 11) (Note: Indians 100% excluded)


23).TEKUN had provided loans totaling RM893 Million to 147,546(Malay muslim) entrepreneurs since 1999 through it’s 193 branches(NST 9/03/09 at page 14)(Note: But the UMNO mandore MIC & YSS gets an estimated 0.1% of these loans and does their 53 year old illusion show(wayang kulit) in dishing our RM 8,000.00 or so per “entrepreuner” What to do kacang putih business?


24). No Objections Certificates since 2003(Note: UMNO to restrict  Indian students going to study especially medicine overseas as their doors locally are almost all closed) In 2003 , the two million Indians in Malaysia had to compete for one Medical seat in University of Malaya(NST 9/03/09 at page 16)


25).RM300 Million to Agrobank to assist farmers and agro based industries in rural areas and RM50 Million for (Malay Muslim)Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usahawan Nasional(NST 11/03/09 at page 11)


26). RM1.5 Billion micro credit  facilities(for almost all ie up to an estimated 97% Malays) from AIM,Tekun,BNS and Agro Bank(UM11/03/09 page 21)


27).RM5.1 Billion Bank Pembangunan loans(for malay muslims)(UM11/03/09 at page 29)


28).One (Malay Muslim) Family One Company Campaign by the UMNO Entrepreneur and Co-operation Development Minister at PWTC (NST(BT) 11/03/09 at page 29)(Note: Indian 100% excluded)


29).University Kuala Lumpur,the first Entrepreneur University by the Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development Ministry (for Malay muslim students) (Note:Zero Indians admitted in this University )(NST 12/02/09 at page 7)


30).32,440 children with non citizen status detected.(We estimate 150,000 Malaysian born Indian children but maliciously denied birth certificates by UMNO)(UM12/03/09 at page 8).


31).Tun Razak(1970 to 1976)former Prime Minister set up MARA,Felda,Felcra,Midf,Tabung Haji and Mardi(to take Malays out of being poor and low income group)(UM12/03/09 page 3) (Note: Indians left to rot or degenerate into the “Negroes” of Malaysia.


32).RM 300 Million to 10,000 Borrowers by Agro Bank by 20/03/09 as Micro credit Loans under RM60Billion budget (for almost all Malay Muslim upward mobility opportunities)(UM 12/03/09 page 20)


33). Welfare Department Cari Programme for nine monts had 117,479 people(an estimated 97% malay muslims)applying for welfare aid.50,560 applications were approved (NST 13/03/09 page 14). 

34).16% bonus and dividends (to 99.9% malay muslim members) for Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera(UM 14/03/09 page 12). 

35).There are 520 KFC outlets nationwide.Profits ending 31/12/08 is RM2.2billion(Note:Zero Indians own any outlets in KFC,McDonalds,A&W,Burger King,Petronas,Mobil,Esso,Shell,Starbucks,Coffee Bean,Government built food and petty trading stalls especially in highway rest areas, Proton outlets and Proton Service Centre etc (UM 14/03/09 at page 12). 

36).Ladang Behrang River Tamil school in Perak gets funds of RM20,000.00 to build canteen.(Note:UMNO builds one brand new MRSM in Trolak, Perak for 120 Million but Tamil schools have to beg for money from UMNO to even buy chairs and tables, library books, build their own canteens and annaxe buildings by collecting money from the pre existing poor and low income Indians. (TN 14/03/09 at page 3) 

37).There are 34 elite  Maktab Rendah Sains Mara(MRSM) Colleges with fully residential school facilities (for almost all 12,440 Malay muslim students) (UM 15/03/09 at page 12) 

38).Identity Card for Tanabala’s daughter after a lot of attempt’s(Note:We estimate that about    300,000 Indians have been denied their identity cards by the 1,016,799 mostly all Malay   muslim Biro Tatanegara civil service “racist graduates” (TN 15/03/09 at page 14) 

39).PUNB gets RM50 Million under Second Economic stimulus plan to help (Malay muslim) companies facing financial problems (UM 16/03/09 at page 3) 

40).1.089 rural libraries(perpustakaan desa)nationwide. Each year 50 such libraries will be built at the cost of RM200,000.00 per library (Note:but zero of these libraries have ever been built in Indian areas like in Sentul,Brickfield,Kg Medan,Klang,Banting etc)(UM 16/03/09 at page 8). 

41).Kempen Satu keluarga(Melayu)satu perniagaan with (at least)RM50,000.00 loans per family by the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development(UM16/03/09) 

42).38% of Malaysians between 17 and 23 years of age received higher education compared to only 5%  some twenty years ago. To date 60,000 post degree students was recorded(Note:But for the Indians we estimate 90% have been denied higher education opportunities however qualified or deserving they are) and 80% of Indians do not pursue their education beyond Form five. To the contrary 80% of the student in Saudi Arabia are graduates. (See UM 16/03/09 at page 13) 

43).100 foreign taxi drivers operating around KLCC are(muslim) Bangladeshis, JPJ detected 2,868(Note:But UMNO has denied 99% of the thousands of Indian taxi drivers, drivers of heavy lorry drivers, limousines, public buses, express buses, tourist buses and vans etc their due permits(UM 16/03/09 at page 15) 

44).Welfare help denied despite 3 appeals to the Welfare Ministry for Indrani(66) (Note:Indian NGOs’ have to beg for money from the already poor Indians to keep Indrani and thousands of others afloat and out of hunger(TN 16/03/09 at page 5) 

Conclusion. In the aforesaid first two weeks of Najib Razak’s rule as Prime Minister we have  noted this 44 areas where the Indians have been excluded from the national mainstream development of Malaysia. This is just the tip of the iceberg where Indians suffer on a day to day basis as a result of this 53 years old UMNO’s racist, religious extremist and supremacist policies and targeting at the Indians as they are the softest targets. To us Malaysia is today the most racist country in the world after apartheid ended in South Africa some 20 years ago in 1990.

Note: These excerpts are from part of the diaries of P.Uthayakumar written during his 514 days of detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA)1960 without trial or conviction. 


HRP Information Chief

Four years after ISA arrest, Uthaya says ‘no regrets’(see

5:08PM Dec 13, 2011

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) co-founder P Uthayakumar said he has no regrets over actions taken, leading to his arrest under the Internal Security Act (ISA) on Dec 13, 2007.

“We have no regrets over Hindraf’s 18-point-demands struggle focused on the Indian poor.

“We have no regrets fighting against the might and tyranny of the Umno state-sponsored racism that segregates and excludes the Indian poor from the national mainstream development of 1Malay-sia [sic].

NONE“And also against racism in the 60 percent towkay (Chinese capitalist)-controlled corporate, banking, industrial and private sectors,” said Uthayakumar (left) in a statement today.

He singled out Umno as the main foe of Hindraf, for it had allegedly wanted to punish the movement and its leaders at “all and any costs” over the its rally on Nov 25, 2007.

“(The rally had succeeded) in ‘naming and shaming’ and exposing Malaysia’s Umno-racism [sic] for the first time at international fora,” he said.

Hindraf was founded by Uthayakumar and his brother Waytha Moorthy, who as lawyers, took up legal cases concerning religious conversions involving Hindus and cases involving demolition of Hindu temples.

Indian poor ‘far more critical

Waytha Moorthy went into exile before the rally as it was increasingly clear that Hindraf leaders would be nabbed, while Uthayakumar and four others were detained for more than a year under the ISA.

The four are lawyers M Manoharan, R Kenghadharan (right), V Ganabatirau and businessman T Vasanthakumar.

Uthayakumar was detained the longest at 514 days.

He said Hindraf does not regret its mono-ethnic cause because the situation with the ethnic Indian poor is far more critical compared to other ethnic groups.

“Our critics tell us that there are also the Malay and Chinese poor. Our answer is we also have the poor Jews.

“But here we are talking about the magnitude of the critical Indian poor problems, to the point of being driven to contemplate or to commit suicide.”

Uthayakumar argued that the unlike the bumiputera poor, some of who have traditional villages and ancestral land as their social safety net, Indian Malaysians do not.

He said there is an advantageous situation among Chinese Malaysians who have 617 ‘new villages’ as a safety net.

Struggle for Indians to stay afloat

He argued that the bumiputera and Chinese poor with land could live off the land.

“But for the Indian poor the only way out of their daily misery arising from poverty and inequality is to contemplate if not to commit suicide.

“Note that the Indian poor suicide rate arising out of poverty has been recorded to be 600 percent above that in the Malay community.”

Uthayakumar claimed that both BN and Pakatan Rakyat do not care about the Indian poor because it was not politically rewarding to do so, and thus Hindraf’s struggle must continue.

azlan“Unlike the other communities, we in the Human Rights Party and Hindraf have never demanded any special privileges or supremacy. We are merely fighting to stay … above the waters and fighting not to be pushed below the waters.

“In the interim we await the day biracial 1 Malay-sia [sic] would truly turn out to be 1Malaysia in the true sense of the word like in the Western civil societies.

“Where the poor Indians, Malays, Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban, Bajau, Penan, Orang Ulu are all treated alike equally, granted equal opportunities, treated with respect, dignity and with humanity and all live in harmony like one big family.”

SPECIAL REPORT: The Hindraf protest

HRP & Hindraf 2010 Records UMNO/BN & PKR, DAP & PAS/PR Violations of Human Rights and the Federal Constitution against the minority Malaysian Indians


For the whole of 2010, HRP and HINDRAF have recorded as above from all newspapers and other sources, violations of human rights and the Federal Constitution against the minority Malaysian Indians from Birth Certificate, IC, Freedom of Religion, Tamil School, entry to MRSM, higher education, University/Matriculation seats, JPA scholarships, PTPTN loans, government jobs & top jobs, business opportunities,  government loans, 10 acre land for agriculture/ farming, Hindu temples, cemeteries, police brutality, etc as per HRP 26 categories in our website

We take this opportunity to thank our dedicated staff Gevita Roe, Anu Sriya and Vicky and also our editing team Pathma, Naragan and Suguz.

HRP & HINDRAF will continue our fight against this serious violation of human rights and oppression of minority Indians till the last Indian is treated equally.

Happy New Year 2011.

“Rights not Mercy”


Information Chief


SPECIAL REPORT: The Hindraf protest (Malaysiakini)

2075782158_052d436440 Very rarely do Malaysians see such defiance. Despite repeated warnings and a court order which allowed the police to ‘arrest on sight’, they came out in the thousands on Nov 25 into the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

It was, in part, a protest inspired by Indian independence activist and pacifist, Mahatma Gandhi.

Like Gandhi, the Hindraf supporters were out to show mass civil disobedience and it was prominently shown by a crowd of almost 5,000 near the Hotel Maya at Jalan Ampang.
For at least five times, the crowd would run helter-skelter at each ‘water canon charge’, only to defiantly claim back their original positions, chanting "We want justice!" in both Tamil and English.
The following are a selection of Malaysiakini news reports, analyses, videos and letters on the Nov 25 Hindraf protest.
Hindraf 31: AG drops attempted murder charge
Attempted murder charge: AG ‘abused’ power
ISA crackdown: 5 Hindraf leaders detained
Remain calm, Waytha tells supporters
Video: Uthayakumar’s parting message
Police disperse Hindraf supporters at Bkt Aman
PM: They want to destroy the country
Hindraf arrests: Use of ISA slammed
PM: ISA action is justified
Charge Hindraf leaders in court: Indian groups tell PM
ISA detentions: ‘Gov’t bankrupt of ideas’
US demands due process for ISA arrests
Families visit Hindraf 5 at Kamunting
Habeas corpus filed for Manoharan

Devamany escapes punishment
Uthayakumar’s car tyres slashed
PAS slams Hindraf, accusations ‘extreme’
Radio DJs punished for supporting Hindraf
Deputy minister: Indians better off than Malays
PM: Hindraf lies over Indian plight
India says Hindraf crackdown a ‘source of concern’
Hindraf lobby goes global
Is Hindraf a racist group?
Hindraf trio discharged from sedition
MIC MP: Rally reflects govt’s failure
Hindraf ‘manipulated’ the innocent
Police draw flak over excessive force
Hishammuddin rapped for ‘sacking’ warning
Nazri: Breach the law, face consequences
MIC MP: Rally reflects govt’s failure
MIC’s ‘Robin Hood’ to meet the whip
Hindu Sangam: Rally a ‘wake up call’
‘Gathering of crooks’ hasn’t tainted community’s image
Suhakam’s Khoo: Rally reflects grievances
Act against ‘sufferings’ in M’sia, Indian PM told
Fearless Indians fight for rights
A Gandhi-inspired mass civil disobedience
30,000 Hindraf protesters rally in KL streets
Tear gas fired at defiant protesters
Hindraf to submit petition in London
Samy tells Indians to work ‘within the system’
Anwar: Hindraf rally a safety valve

Hindraf: Let us hand petition and go home
MIC: Hindraf is stooge of the opposition
Hindraf – a new force is born
Hindraf trio freed on bail
Three Hindraf leaders arrested
Organisers vow to proceed despite ban
Cops obtain rare court order against Hindraf
Rumours rife, Hindraf not amused
Police reject permit for Hindraf rally
Nov 25 rally
Hours of the rally
l 10 min
Cat and mouse around KLCC l 8 min
Confusion on Jalan Ampang l 2 min
Sucking tear gas and chemical-laced water l 7 min
Police accused of unprovoked attacks l 2 min
The day before
Uthaya’s prediction for Nov 25 l 15 min
Hindraf leaders give impromptu briefing at temple l 10 min
Hindraf supporters head towards temple l 9 min
P Waythamoorthy refuses bail l 4 min
Hindraf supporters gather to show support l 4 min
The Hindraf arrests: Scenes in Shah Alam l 4 min
Hindraf rally: Cops warn of ‘stern action’ l 5 min
Police raid offices of two Hindraf lawyers l 6 min

Concluding the series on the Constitutional Conference which was the foundation of the ‘Social Contract’ (part 8 of the series on the Social Contract)

The Constitutional Conference of January-February 1956 agreed that a Constitutional Commission would be set to address many issues, one being to "safeguard the position and prestige of the Rulers" plus to "safeguard the special position of the Malays and the legitimate interests of the other (non-Malay) communities". There is no agreement on the Malays being accorded special rights and privileges and it was agreed that the new Federal Constitution of Malaya would be based on what the Constitutional Conference decides.


Raja Petra Kamarudin









The Constitutional Conference also addressed amendments to the Federation Agreement (part 7 of the series on the Social Contract)

The Federation of Malaya Agreement was signed on 21st January 1948 and came into force on 1st February of that same year. A form of common citizenship was created for all who acknowledged Malaya as their permanent home and the object of their undivided loyalty. Within this framework the settlements of Penang and Malacca remained British territory while Singapore became a separate colony under its own Governor.


Raja Petra Kamarudin




The Constitutional Conference was attended by the Alliance government and not Umno (part 6 of the series on the Social Contract)

Appendix A of the report on the Constitutional Conference held in London from January-February 1956 shows that it was attended by the Alliance government of Malaya and not Umno. Also in attendance were representatives of the British government and the Malay Rulers of Malaya.


Raja Petra Kamarudin






The ‘Social Contract’ is signed and sealed on 8th February 1956 (part 5 of the series on the Social Contract)

The Constitutional Conference agreed that Merdeka be given to Malaya in August 1957 subject to certain constitutional changes, as can be read below. To achieve this and to meet the tight deadline of August 1957, a Constitutional Commission would be set up. And this was the Reid Commission, which came out with the Articles to be included in the new Federal Constitution of Malaya. The signatories to this ‘Social Contract’ of 8th February 1956 were the representative of the Alliance government of Malaya, the representatives of the Malay Rulers, and the representatives of the British government


Raja Petra Kamarudin





‘Ketuanan Melayu’ was not part of the Merdeka deal (part 3 & 4 of the series on the Social Contract)

The Constitutional Conference, which was held in London from 18th January to 6th February 1956, was attended by representatives of the Malay Rulers as well as the newly-elected government of Malaya that won 51 of the 52 seats in the elections six months before that. And this government was the Alliance government of Umno, MCA and MIC. This, therefore, demolishes the argument that Umno negotiated Merdeka. It was actually negotiated by a coalition of Umno, MCA and MIC. And this Conference was the basis of Malaya’s new Federal Constitution — the handiwork of the Chinese and Indians as well.


Raja Petra Kamarudin (MalaysiaToday)

There is now an urgent need for people on both, indeed all, sides of this question – and all Malaysians generally – to understand what exactly those agreements now designated as “the social contract” in fact were.

Malaysians need to reach a historically well-founded consensus concerning “the social contract”, what its terms were at the nation’s formative moment and in its founding experience, and what it means today and for the future. The coherence, strength and political sustainability of the nation require no less.

‘Ketuanan Melayu’ not part of the deal

It needs to be widely understood that, whatever they provided and mandated, “Ketuanan Melayu” was not part of what those agreements enshrined. Any suggestion that Malay political domination in perpetuity, continuing Malay “ethnocratic” ascendancy over other Malayans (and now Malaysians), was any part of those foundational agreements now designated as “the social contract” is simply wrong.

Those who argue to the contrary that Ketuanan Melayu is a constitutionally guaranteed “foundational” component of Malaysia’s national sovereignty and international public identity are disingenuous, mischievous, or simply ill-informed.

The attempt to “read back” subsequent notions of Ketuanan Melayu into ideas of “the social contract” and in that way to embed them within newly fashioned but quite dubious views of the constitution is simply an exercise in anachronistic revisionism. It is the duty of serious historians and legal scholars to say so. — by  CLIVE S. KESSLER, Malaysiakini

socialcontract7 socialcontract8



The agreement on the Malayan Civil Service (part 4 of the series on the Social Contract)

The Constitutional Conference of 1956 between the British government and the Alliance government of Malaya agreed that a Public Service Commission will be set up and that it will be an independent statutory body, free from political interference, as the essential foundation of good government. Five pages of what was agreed is in this report and it does not mention anywhere about racial quotas in the civil service other than they must be ‘suitably qualified’ for the job.