Waytha Moorthy in Najib’s cabinet has nothing to do with Hindraf.(See inside)

Waytha Moorthy in Najib’s cabinet has nothing to do with Hindraf. On 25/4/13 Waytha was sacked from Hindraf by the Hindraf Supreme Council for being a traitor to the Hindraf 18 point demands cause & for joining BN. Waytha got diverted by his personal agenda & is a political opportunist. P.Uthayakumar’s human rights & Indian poor activism spans a consistent 24 long years, while Waytha joined Hindraf only in 2007 ran away to London & took charge of Hindraf only w.e.f. 13/12/07, the day Uthayakumar was jailed 514 days under ISA.Until then Waytha was the Chairman of Vivekenanda Youth Movement singing hyms & Jalra on weekends, family day @ PD & Social get togathers. (A goole search would confirm this). Waytha was never a Hindraf warrior. Like Thanindren Waytha is an opportunist. Congratulations to Waytha as the latest  Indian mandore ! @new Samy Vellu… His empty promises & zero delivery tells @ his G.E.13 advts in all full page Tamil dailies. I will continue leading Hindraf that the tens of thousands of sincere Hindraf activists beaten up, injured, hit with tear gas, lost jobs, family broken,jailed, charged in Court, suffered, etc @ the sacred 25th Nov 07 Hindraf Rally which I ordered. I will continue with the Hindraf anti BN crusade which is the Hindraf No. 1 enemy as is evidended in our website  postings @ www.humanrightspartymalaysia.com

P.Uthayakumar, Hindraf de facto leader